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Bead and Wire Crochet Bracelet - InMyBasket

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By inmybasket

Bead and Wire Crochet Bracelet - InMyBasket

InMyBasket by Naz

Bead and Wire Crochet Bracelet - InMyBasket

InMyBasket by Naz

Name of Design


This piece's inspiration is based on the classy and feminine look of celebrity

stylist Rachel Zoe!

I have always been a big fan of Rachel. Someday I dream to design a jewelry for her to wear!


Wire crochet.

This is so easy to do. All you have to do is crochet a mixture of beads, then braid them together. It's so fun to do!

String in your beads into the wire. crochet five blank wires and then crochet with the beads one by one. I used 16 assorted agate beads, tiger eye and crystals. When you're done crocheting the beads on, crochet another five blanks and then knot them at the the end. Leave about five inches on both ends of the wire. Make three of these and when you're done with all three, crochet them together. Twirl all three tails and then create loops on both ends to anchor your locks.


  • Always follow your own taste in designing bead jewelry. Trust your instinct.
  • It's okay if you don't get them the 1st time you tried. The best thing about beading is you should have fun doing them.
  • Be brave enough to be a trend setter. Never pressure yourself into doing what other beaders are doing.

Origin of Pattern

It's my original pattern.

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Naz Garces

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