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Beadwork: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Flat Spiral Stitch - Perfect for Beginners!
The flat spiral stitch looks complicated, but is really very easy and perfect for beginners. Free tutorial.
4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Making Stretch...
Follow these tips to make stretch bead bracelets that don't break or come untied.
6 Heart Jewelry Tutorials
A list of six DIY bead and wire heart shaped jewelry making projects with links to free tutorials.
Pattern and Instructions to Make Peyote Spiral...
Free pattern and tutorial to learn to make flat peyote stitch tube beads with a spiral color pattern and then add them to simple earrings.
Step-By-Step Tutorial for Making a Leather and...
Learn how to make a stylish wrap bracelet using leather cord, glass beads, and beading thread.
Wear Your Heart on Your Finger! Beaded Ring DIY
Pattern and instructions to make a peyote stitch beaded ring with a heart design.
A Free and Fancy Tile Bead Bracelet Beading...
The materials list for the Fancy Tila Bead Bracelet Free Beading Pattern.
Tutorial for Inside Brick Stitch Hoop Earrings
A free tutorial for making beaded hoop earrings by using brick stitch to weave beads on the inside of a metal ring.
Stringing a Multi-Strand Bracelet
How to string a multi-strand bracelet with beadalon wire, crimp beads, and a triple strand connector using the Om Tara crimp pliers.
Learn How To Use an Even Count Peyote Stitch...
Take your peyote stitch beading to the next level by learning how to read and use an even count peyote stitch patten graph and word chart.
Learn to Finish Off Loom Beadwork with the...
You can use this method of finishing off loom beadwork to avoid weaving in the warp threads one by one.
Top Ten Free Bead Patterns and Tutorials
A list of 10 of the most popular beading tutorials here at About Beadwork and other great beading sites including my Pinterest Free tutorials board.
Basic Bead Embroidery Stitches Tutorial
This step by step tutorial walks you through beaded backstitch, the basic stitch used for bead embroidery, with seed beads and several variations using bugle beads and larger freshwater pearls.
How to Make Beaded Stretch Bracelets
Learn how to make beaded stretch bracelets for kids or adults.
How to Select Stretch Cord
Learn how to select the best stretch cord for your beaded bracelets.
Flat Even Count Peyote Tutorial
Flat even count peyote stitch tutorial. Even count peyote is easy and a great stitch for beginning beaders.
Is DandyLine the Beading Thread for You?
Details about DandyLine bead thread by Beadalon to help you decide if it is the right thread for your bead weaving or stringing projects.
A Free and Elegant Tila Bead Bracelet Beading...
A free beading pattern for a simple, easy and elegant Tila bead bracelet that is embellished with Swarovski crystals.
Peyote Stitch Leaves
A step by step tutorial on how to create beautiful 3-dimensional Russian style leaves using peyote stitch.
How to Bead on a Basic Loom
Learn how to weave beads on a bead loom that does not have a shedding device.
How to Make a Necklace or Bracelet Using Bead...
Learn how to string beads using bead stringing wire and crimp tubes. Use this technique to create custom beaded necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.
Twisted Beading Needles
A basic profile of twisted beading needles, how to use them, and what to use them for.
Russian Style Netted Flowers, Step by Step
A step by step tutorial for making netted Russian-style flowers.
Zip Up a Peyote Tube Bead
Easy to make peyote tube bead instructions using flat even count peyote stitch and delica beads.
Cellini Spiral Tutorial
Getting started with Cellini spiral stitch in this free beading tutorial.
Use This Chart for an Easy Way to Compare Bead...
Print out the chart for easy reference when comparing bead sizes.
Various Free Crystal Bead Patterns
A list of free beading pattern that use crystal beads, including Swarovski and Chinese crystal.
Step by Step to make St Petersburg Stitch leaves
A tutorial on how to make Russian-style beadwoven leaves using St. Petersburg stitch.
Fast Wire Wrap Bead Chain
Step by step to make wire wrapped bead chain quickly using an assembly line method that limits the number of times you have to switch tools
How to Do Freeform Peyote Stitch
A step-by-step introduction to creating beautiful beadwork using freeform peyote stitch techniques.
Beading Wire Sizes and Strengths
How to select the best size and strength of beading wire for your beading stringing project.
Using a Jewelry Bead Board
Describes what a jewelry bead board is and how to use one as well as common problems using one and their solutions
How to Choose the Right Size Needles and...
Using the right size of needle and thread for your seed beads will make your beadweaving projects much easier and more enjoyable. Beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings may require different sized needles and threads depending on the size and type of beads that you choose for your beaded jewelry projects.
Learn brick stitch with this easy bracelet...
This easy step by step bead bracelet project is a great way to learn how to make brick stitch beadwork.
Essential Off-Loom Beadweaving Stitches
A list and comparison of the most important off-loom beading stitches.
Attach a Slide Clasp to a Peyote Stitch Cuff...
Learn how to attach a slide lock clasp to a peyote stitch cuff bracelet.
Ladder Stitch Beading Instructions
Learn how to do ladder stitch. Ladder stitch is an easy stitch that is used as a base row to start brick stitch and herringbone (Ndebele) stitch.
Tubular Peyote Stitch Tutorial
Tubular even count peyote can be used to make beads, toggle clasps, amulet bags or make a bezel. Learn tubular peyote with this free tutorial.
How to Weave-In Warp Threads on Loom Beadwork
Learn how to hide the warp thread tails in your seed bead beadwork made on a loom.
7 Reasons Your Elastic Stretch Bracelets Break
7 reasons why your elastic stretch bracelets break and ways you can prolong their longevity - from the way you wear them to how you select them (or make) them.
Easy to make wire and bead hoop earrings
Make beaded hoop earrings to match every outfit with this simple and versatile design.
Free Charted Peyote Stitch Patterns
Links to free charted peyote stitch beadwork patterns and instructions.
Beading Stitches Used to Make Beaded Ropes
A list of beading stitches used to make beaded ropes. Beaded ropes can be made with tubular variations of flat off-loom beadweaving stitches or with some beading stitches that do not have flat versions. Beaded ropes can be used for beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets and beaded lariats.
Swarovski crystal and glass cube bead cuff...
This free beaded bracelet pattern uses Swarovski crystal beads and glass cube beads to make a sleek and sparkling cuff bracelet.
6 Easy Steps to Russian Spiral Beading
A Russian spiral stitch tutorial with bead diagrams and example photos.
Which Size Crimps Should I Use?
Learn which sizes of crimps are best to use on which sizes of beading wire.
Rivoli Peyote Bezel Tutorial
Easy step-by-step instructions to make a peyote stitched bezel out of cylinder beads and seed beads for a Swarovski crystal Rivoli.
Decorative Spiral Headpins
How to make decorative spiral end wire headpins to enhance your jewelry designs
Learn St. Petersburg Stitch
How to make a single St. Petersburg Stitch chain. This is a great stitch to make chains but is also the starting point for double St Petersburg Stitch.
Embellished Peyote Stitch Ring
Instructions to make a simple even count peyote stitch ring adorned with a focal bead surrounded by daisy chain beadwork.
Using a Bead Spinner
Learn how to string beads of the same color, or a mix of beads, quickly using a device called a bead spinner.
Learn Tubular Odd Count Peyote Stitch
A step-by-step tutorial helps you learn tubular odd count peyote stitch.
Seed Bead Sizes
Information about the different aught sizes of round and cylinder seed beads used in beadwork.
Make a Simple Swarovski Tennis Bracelet with...
Use this free beading pattern to make a simple, sparkling bracelet that resembles a diamond tennis bracelet using some Swarovski crystal bicones and Japanese cylinder beads.
How to Make Your Own Peyote Stitch Toggle Clasp
Directions for making your own toggle clasp using peyote stitch and Japanese cylinder beads
How to Do Dutch Spiral
Free instructions for how to do the Dutch Spiral off-loom beadweaving stitch.
Peyote Beaded Tusk
Instructions to add a decorative band of even count circular peyote to a tusk bead plus a simple beaded bail.
Easier Than You Think! Flat Odd Count Peyote...
Learn how to stitch flat odd-count peyote with this step by step tutorial. It's easy!
Double Spiral Rope Beading Stitch Tutorial
A tutorial for how to do double spiral rope, an off-loom beadweaving stitch that creates a supple, thick beaded rope.
Best Organization Solutions for Beaders
A list of the best bead storage containers, bead holders, jewelry tool boxes, wire caddies and plier stands for beadwork and wire jewelry makers
Beaded Circle Necklace Pendant
Necklace made using brick stitch to add beads on the outside and inside of a metal link
8 Easy Steps to Making a Tila Bead Ladder...
Use ladder stitch and two-hole Tila beads to weave a cute bracelet.
How to Make an Easy CzechMates Beaded Bracelet
This gorgeous little bracelet is easy to make using a single row of beadwork and two-hole CzechMates beads.
Two Owls Bead-It-Forward Peyote Stitch Pattern
A free peyote stitch beading pattern with a cute owl motif, originally designed for the Bead-It-Forward beaded quilt project.
Two and Three Drop Peyote Stitch Tutorial
Step by step directions help you learn to make two and three drop peyote stitch.
Daisy Chain Tutorial on About.com Beadwork
Step by step directions for the daisy chain off-loom beadweaving stitch.
Garnet Wire Wrap Hoop Earring - Free Tutorial
Tutorial to make wire hoop earrings with garnet gemstone wire wrapped rosary bead chain
How to Warp a Basic Bead Loom - No Wind Method
A step-by-step tutorial on preparing your bead loom by setting it up with its initial warp threads.
Beaded Netting Holiday Ornament Cover
Use horizontal beaded netting to create a lacy cover for your glass holiday ornaments.
Wrapped Stone Pendant
Use your wire skills to make a pendant from a favorite stone, piece of beach glass, shell or any other item that doesn't have a hole to hang it from.
Horizontal Beaded Netting Diagram Tutorial
A diagram tutorial of basic, horizontal beaded netting.
Bead Embroider a Peyote Bezel for a Cabochon
Instructions to make peyote bezel around a cabochon by attaching it to a backing material and using bead embroidery and peyote stitch
How to Make a Quick and Easy Stretchy Bead...
quick and easy stretchy bracelet
Summer Trimmings Two-Drop Peyote Stitch...
A free beaded bracelet pattern using even-count two-drop peyote stitch.
Get the most for your bead buying budget
Tips on how to buy beads for new jewelry makers, based on my years of experience purchasing jewelry making supplies, gemstones and seed beads.
Learn Brick Stitch
Brick stitch is an easy beginner beadweaving stitch that has many variations. Learn how to do flat brick stich with this free tutorial.
Spiral Peyote Tube Earrings Free Beading Pattern
This pair of peyote stitch earrings is made with a simple beaded tube bead, Swarovski crystals, and gold-filled beads. They work up fast and are pretty and sophisticated.
Beadwork - An Introduction to the Stitches and...
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Small Beaded Ornament Cover Pattern
Learn how to make a simple but striking beaded ornament cover for a small size Christmas tree ornament.
Make a Sand and Sea Zig Zags Peyote Stitch...
A free, printable pattern chart for a zig zag style beaded cuff bracelet using peyote stitch and Delicas.
Twin Bead Daisy Chain
Use Twin beads to connect tiny beaded daisies in this basic pattern. Use the band to make a bracelet or amulet bag strap, or join the ends to make a cute finger ring.
How to Read a Tubular Peyote Pattern or Graph
Step by step instructions and tips for how to read a tubular peyote stitch pattern or graph. Tubular peyote stitch can be used to make amulet bags, beaded ornaments, or needle cases.
Square Stitch Beading Diagram Tutorial
Learn how to use square stitch to weave seed beads with a needle and thread.
10 Peyote Bracelet Beadwork Patterns
This is a list of all the free charted peyote stitch bracelet patterns available on the site. Some of them have word charts associated with them, and some do not.
Make an Interchangeable Macrame Bracelet For...
How to make a spiral macrame bracelet that can be used with pandora style large hole beads
10 Essential Beadweaving Supplies
Learn which tools and materials are the most important to have on hand when you get started beadweaving.
Slinky Ladder Stitch Bracelet Project
Tutorial to make a slinky beaded bracelet perfect for layering using ladder stitch and delica beads.
Dangling Heart Tassel Earring Tutorial
Step by step instructions to make these beaded tassle earrings - make them short and full or long shoulder dusters.
Get Started Beading on a Loom
Learn how to stitch beads on a loom.
Introduction to Bead Embroidery
Part One of a Two Part Course on Bead Embroidery - Preparing Your Fabic
St. Petersburg Chain Tutorial
Materials and getting started with St. Petersburg chain, a popular off-loom beadweaving stitch used to make beaded necklaces. Beaded chains are great for making amulet bag straps or simple necklaces.
Brick Stitch Daisy Flower
Beaded flower component made with 11/0 delica and drop beads.
Using a Bead Stopper to Keep Your Beads in Place
What is a bead stopper? A description of this handy little beading tool.
Under One Hour!
10 Beadwork and Jewelry Projects that you can make in under one hour. Great for holiday gifts, birthday gifts or anytime you want to make something quick!
Buying Beads by the Hank, Strand and Gram
Take the confusion out of buying seed beads by knowing what is a hank of beads, how many seed beads in a gram and why are some beads heavier than others.
Chevron Stitch Tutorial
A step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to do the off-loom beadweaving stitch known as Chevron Stitch.
6 Daisy Flower Projects for All Beading Skill...
A list of free daisy chain beadworking projects including beginner techniques and more advanced projects
No Warps Loom Beading With Knitting Needles
Learn how to make your own simple loom for beading without the need to weave-in multiple warp thread tails.
Circular Brick Stitch Instructions
How to stitch around the outside of a round bead using brick stitch.
About Nymo Beading Thread
Information about Nymo beading thread including product characteristics, thread sizes and types of beadwork projects that it is best suited for.
Bead Estimator
Information to help you estimate how many seed or cylinder beads you need for a project
Types of Bead Looms
Learn about the most common styles of looms for beading.
Find the Right Beading Needle!
Types of beading needles and what they are used for plus instructions and tips for threading your beading needles.
Why do you need a stop bead in beadwork?
Stop beads keep beads in place when starting your beadwork. Learn how to string a stop bead, when you need them and how to remove it when you're done.
How to Add New Beading Thread Before Ending the...
Here is an efficient technique for ending an old (used up) length of beading thread and starting a new one in your beadwork.
Information about Fireline beading thread
A basic profile and review of Fireline beading thread.
How to Keep Jewelry Clasps Out of Sight
How to use a weight or counterweight to help keep a necklace or bracelet clasp where you want it (out of sight!).
Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern
Use this beaded snowflake technique to make gorgeous earrings or mini ornaments.
Tie Off Thread Ends with Half Hitch Knots
How to tie a half hitch knot and use it to secure thread in beadwork
Single Needle Right Angle Weave Tutorial
A step by step tutorial on how to do the off-loom beadweaving stitch called single needle right angle weave.
Loom or Square Stitch Pattern - Moroccan Coral...
A nine column bracelet band pattern chart for loom beading or square stitch.
Spiral Rope Chain
The Spiral Rope Chain AKA The Internet Spiral beading technique is simple to learn with this beading tutorial from your Beadwork Guide
Types of Jewelry Findings
Learn about the different types of jewelry findings used in beaded and handmade jewelry - with links to detailed articles, sources and related projects.
Top 10 Beginner's Bead Patterns
Here's a list of some of the very best beginner's bead patterns. These bead projects are simple, straightforward, clearly-written, and are simple enough that even a first-time beader will complete a successful first beading project. Bead patterns include a Peyote stitch panel, a bead-and-wire ring, a beaded netted bracelet, brick stitch bracelet, and bead embroidered fabric edging. Simplicity of beading stitch and a desirable end-product are the secret to these great beginner's bead patterns.
Twisted Tubular Herringbone Stitch - Blue Spiral
This simple little tube bead makes a big impact when strung on cable necklace chain. It works up fast
Surgeon's knot tutorial
Instructions for how to tie a surgeon's knot and when to use a surgeon's knot in beadwork and jewelry making.
How to Follow a Tubular Peyote Pattern for an...
Learn how to follow a tubular peyote stitch beading pattern to make a tube for an amulet bag pouch or dread sleeve.
How to Prepare Nylon Beading Thread
Step by step instructions for how to prepare your nylon beading thread before stitching.
Herringbone Stitch Beading From a Base Row
Learn how to do flat Ndebele herringbone stitch the easy way: from a base row.
Bezeling a Rivoli - How Many Delicas Do I Need...
Tips for stitching a peyote bezel around a Swarovski crystal Rivoli, including a handy reference table that lists the number of Delica beads needed for the starting ring for each size of Rivoli.
Learn to Make Tubular Ndebele or Herringbone...
Free beadwork tutorial to make tubular Ndebele or herringbone stitch.
Pea Pod DIY
A perfect gift for Mothers and Brides - how to make a bead and wire pea pod pendant.
Beaded Alphabet for Peyote Stitch or Brick...
A series of free peyote stitch or brick stitch graphs for a beaded alphabet pattern. You can use these charts to create beaded bracelets and straps or to write out words in your peyote or brick stitch patterns.
How to Follow a Simple Shaped Flat Peyote...
Learn how to follow a shaped peyote stitch pattern by stitching this simple beaded leaf.
Horizontal Beaded Netting Bracelet Pattern -...
A free pattern chart for a horizontal beaded netting bracelet band. The edges are embellished with beaded picots.
Styles of Beads Used in Beadwork
A list of the types, styles and shapes of glass beads commonly used for beadweaving.
Beading Trays, Mats and Boards
Descriptions of the different bead trays, mats and boards available to use as a work surface while you stitch or string.
How to Weave-In Beading Thread With Peyote Stitch
How to weave-in beading thread when using peyote stitch to create beadwork.
Glamour and Goth Earrings Free Beading Pattern
A free beading pattern for the Glamour and Goth Earrings, made with Swarovski crystal Rivolis.

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