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Bead Pavilion - Bead Storage Units and Shelves for Round or Square Bead Tubes

Bead Storage with Options, Keeping your Beads Visible and Handy

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Bead Pavilion And Shelves

New Bead Pavilion and Shelves from Sova Enterprises

Photo Credit: Sova Enterprises
I love to organize my beads, but over the years, I've learned that the only organizational methods I'll really use are those that keep my beads visible, within reach, easy to use and easy to handle. By breaking the storage units down to shelves, these Bead Pavilion storage shelves not only keep my beads organized and where I can see them, but keep each section of beads easy to handle, ensuring that they will actually be used.

Seed Bead Storage that You'll Actually Use

I enjoy organizing my beads, but not when the methods are overly-fussy, or if they keep me from being able to see my beads. That's why I have been so excited about the Bead Pavilion Showcase and Shelves seed bead storage units from Sova Enterprises, home of Bead-Patterns.com, the secure and mobile Bead N' Go Bead Tray Sets and the incredible Versa-Loom, a no-warps loom that is perfection itself.

Using the Bead Pavilion Showcase and Shelves system, my beads are right there in front of me; visible, easy to reach, easy to replace, easy to find. No more opaque containers, no more little boxes to rifle through, no more huge boxes to drag out, no more tubes falling out of my shoe bags hanging on the walls, none of that nonsense!

Since each shelf can slide completely out of the Bead Pavilion Showcase unit, I can remove individual shelves, find the beads I want, replace the shelves and not worry about having bead tubes, bags, or boxes laying open all over everywhere for days on end, until I have time to put them away again.

The availability of either round or square tube slots in the shelves make the Bead Pavilion Showcase an even bigger bonus, as most of us have beads in each type of container, so I can store either one in the Bead Pavilion Showcase units. With holes in the back of each unit, wall mounting is also an option, which can help free up table top space if you work in a small beading area, and keeps your beads out of the way if you bead in the bedroom or living room.

Excellent quality, great storage system, incredibly low price and versatility - what else can you ask for?

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