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Versa Loom by Sova Enterprises

Making Loom Weaving Easy and Enjoyable

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The Versa-Loom is a new type of bead loom which leaves no warp threads. By Sova Enterprises.

The Versa-Loom is a new way to weave beads on a loom. The Versa-Loom adjusts to different pattern lengths and, best of all, leaves no warp threads to worry about, by Sova Enterprises.

Sova Enterprises, used by permission
In one of my favorite dreams, I have time to do anything I want, and I spend lots of time weaving beads on a loom. Also, in this dream, somehow, none of my loom projects ever has warp ends to weave in. It's like - magic.

Ok, so I know there are non-magic ways to accomplish this same thing, but the very idea of a loom built just for the purpose of not needing to weave in warp threads really is a dream come true. So now I have time to dream about owning every Delica color ever made, so I can spend all that I've saved not weaving in the warp threads weaving on my Versa-Loom.

Designed and Distributed by Sova Enterprises

If the folks at Sova enterprises have ever designed a bad product, I don't know about it. Right now, I am very excited to show you my new favorite, the incredible new Versa-Loom.

The Versa-Loom is a beading tool created for bead weaving using the four-selvedge weaving method. This is a method by which the loom warping and the bead weaving is done in a way that creates four finished edges on the beaded piece, rather than the two finished edges and two unfinished edges of traditional loom weaving. The Versa-Loom is without a doubt the best way I've seen to learn this bead weaving method.

The loom is designed with considerations for all of the little details that make this process a bit frustrating for first-timers. The length is adjustable; from 2" to 15", the warp bars are designed with notches placed right where you need them, and little "ledges" to help grip your wrapping thread, keeping the tension just right. The height is adjustable, depending on your needs. Everything you can think of for a comfortable and stress-free bead weaving experience is built right into the Versa-Loom.

The Versa-Loom is 4" wide, with a useable width of approximately 3", wide enough for most four-selvedge type projects, including Artist Trading Card motifs, Amulet bags, bracelets, straps, bookmarks, etc.

Finally, there's the price. I was prepared for it to be substantial, since this is a major new beading tool. But priced at just $19.97, it's the best bargain you'll buy this year. So go grab one today, and remember: Life's too short to weave warp threads!

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