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Beading Tools and Supplies

Learn more about beading tools and supplies, and discover which products deserve a spot on your own beading table.

How to Use a Bead Spinner
Learn how to select and use a bead spinner, a tool that helps you string large quantities of beads quickly.

Xuron Beading Thread Cutters
Learn about these heavy duty scissors that cut through FireLine beading thread cleanly and smoothly.

Thoughts About Xuron Beadweaving Scissors
See what other Beadwork readers think about Xuron Beadweaving Scissors for FireLine, or share your own views.

Needles Used for Beadweaving
Learn which needles to use for beadweaving.

Styles of Bead Looms
Learn how the most common styles of beading looms differ, and get help determining which model is right for you.

Tools for Cutting Your Beading Thread
One of the basic tools that you will need to get started in beading and beadweaving is something to cut your beading thread. While it might seem that your basic scissors are good enough for this job, you should know that there are several different tools available to cut thread, and that each tool has a specific use. While embroidery or craft scissors are the most popular choice for cutting thre…

What is a Thread Nipper?
A profile of the thread nipper, which is a very useful tool for cutting a variety of beading threads.

What is a Thread Cutter?
A profile of thread cutters, a very useful tool for beading and beadwork that is used for cutting your beading thread.

What is a Thread Burner?
A profile of the thread burner, a very useful tool used in beadwork and beading.

Beading Trays, Mats and Boards
Once you have your beads and other supplies ready to start a new project, you will need to find some way to lay out and organize the beads while you stitch or string. Ideally, you should have a set up that is comfortable and sturdy and will prevent your beads from rolling off onto the floor or scattering away from you every time you pick up a bead on your needle.

Using a Bead Board as a Beading Surface
An informative article about bead boards and how to use them for making beaded jewelry.

Ceramic Bead Dish
An informational profile of ceramic beading dishes, used for both off-loom beadweaving and loom beading.

All About Beading Needles
Basic profiles of some of the most popular types of beading needles and what they are used for, including information about English beading needles, Pony beading needles, big eye needles, twisted beading needles and milliners needles. Step-by-step instructions and tips for threading your beading needles.

English Beading Needles
Information and a basic profile of English beading needles, used in both off-loom beadweaving and loomed beadwork.

Bonded Beading Threads
Bonded beading threads, also known as fishing line threads or gel-spun polyethylene threads, are one popular type of beading thread.

Nylon Beading Threads
Nylon beading threads have been around for a long time, and many advanced beaders love them and swear by them. Here is some basic information about nylon beading threads.

Beading Threads
The thread you use for your beading projects is just as important as the beads themselves. Using a high-quality beading thread suited for the type of project such as off-loom beadweaving, loom weaving or stringing will make your project durable and beautiful. To help you figure out which thread is best for your beading projects, here are profiles of some of the most common beading threads avail…

Chain Nose Pliers: A Basic Profile
A basic profile of chain nose pliers and their use in off-loom beadweaving.

Embroidery Scissors: A Basic Profile
A basic profile of embroidery scissors and their uses in beadweaving.

Beading Mat: A Basic Profile
A basic profile of the beading mat and how to use it.

Bead Scoops: A Basic Profile
A basic profile of the bead scoop.

All About Clasps
With so many different clasps available in so many different materials, it's easy to get confused over which is the right one to finish your beadwork. Here is a partial listing of many of the clasps available, along with suggested uses for each one.

One thing to remember when using clasps to finish your beadwork is that you don't have to be limited to just what is available commercially. You…

How to Install Coil Ends on Jewelry Cord
Learn how to use coil ends to finish the ends of round jewelry cord, which makes great stringing material for beaded beads and pendants.

Selecting the Best Beading Wire for Your Project
How to select an appropriate size and strength of beading wire for stringing beads.

Wire Working Tools and Their Uses
A gallery of images showcasing the different types of wire work pliers with some information on their uses.

How to Properly Use Crimping Pliers
A free step by step tutorial that illustrates the proper way to use crimp tubes and crimping pliers.

Making a Place to Bead
Whether you are a homebody or travel frequently, you will always count on your beadwork to relax you at the end of a hard day. Here are some ideas and suggestions for what you need to create a comfortable, inviting workspace to make the most of your beading time.

Seed Bead Colors and Finishes
Choosing seed bead colors for your beadwork project can be confusing if you don't know what all the colors and finishes mean. These are some of the most commonly found and most beautiful colors and finishes of seed beads.

What Are Japanese Cylinder Beads?
Japanese cylinder beads are the favorite bead of many beaders who love to do peyote and brick stitch. Their amazing range of colors and precisely uniform shape and size create a beaded fabric unlike anything else.

What Are Japanese Seed Beads?
Japanese seed beads are very uniform in size and their finishes tend to be very durable, making them the perfect choice for your beaded jewelry projects. They come in a wide range of colors and finishes, so you are sure to find the perfect color.

What Are Czech Seed Beads?
Czech seed beads are a favorite bead of many seed beaders. These beautiful glass seed beads come in a wide range of colors and can add a wonderful organic or ethnic feel to your beadwork.

Seed Bead Sizes and What They Mean
Information about the different sizes of seed beads used for off-loom beadweaving.

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