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The Art of Beadwork

Where you will find links to websites for and photographs of artistic, fine craft beadwork.

Summer 2011 Beading Recap

Readers share their best beadwork from the summer of 2011 in the Summer 2011 Beading Recap gallery.See submissions

Contemporary Bead Art Exhibit at the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts

A photo gallery with selected works from the Contemporary Bead Art Exhibit at the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts, Plattsburgh, New York, November 6th - 29th, 2010.

Show and Tell Your Antique, Vintage and New Bead Crochet Bags

A gallery of submissions from readers showing their antique, vintage and new bead crochet bags. See submissions


A definition of the term "Tail" as it applies to beadwork, off-loom beadweaving and beaded jewelry making.

Laura McCabe Beadwork

Laura McCabe is an innovative bead artist, drawing from many cultures and traditions to create her unique brand of beaded art.

Sherri Serafinin Beaded Jewelry

Sherri Serafini's wild bead embroidered neckpieces, bracelets and handbags have turned the beading world on it's head!

Marcia DeCoster - MAD Designs

Marcia DeCoster uses right angle weave to create beadwork that ranges from the funky to the elegant to the sublime. Be sure to check out her upcoming book on her website.

David Chatt

David Chatt has used right angle weave to create everything from Swarovski crystal jewelry to miniature sculptures.

Jeanette Cook - Beady Eyed Women

Jeanette Cook creates incredible beaded art using colors that will knock your socks off. Be sure to check out her workshops and kits for innovative and beautiful projects.

Beadwork Projects Stitched from Free Beading Patterns at About.com Beadwork

Photos of beadwork projects that were stitched from the free beading patterns on About.com Beadwork.

Should I Wax or Condition Power Pro Beading Thread?

Learn whether to wax or condition Power Pro beading thread before using it.

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