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Bead Findings, Clasps, and Supplies

Links to sellers of all the beading supplies, bead findings, clasps, metal components, accessories, bead stringing medial, beading supplies, and other bead tools we need to create beautiful beadwork.
Bead and Beading Product Reviews
Reviews of a variety of beads, bead types, beading supplies, assorted bead kits, beading materials, and products used by beaders for beading. Included are items such as beading tools, hand care products, creativity builders, bead patterns, lighting options, bead storage products, travel containers, as well as reviews of mixed media, Swarovski crystal and other items used in beadwork.
Before You Buy Beads
Basic information about beads for those who may be new to beading!
Before You Buy a Bead Loom
This article covers the questions you may have about buying a bead loom, including what type of bead loom is best for a beginner, what to look for in a bead loom, tips on how to use a bead loom, warping a bead loom, and more information about beading on a loom, plus what you need to get started working this traditional form of beading.
Bead Loom Top Picks
A list of a few of the finest bead looms available, covering the needs of various bead loom weavers. Links are to a number of different bead loom makers, designers, and retailers and covers bead looms ranging from the very basic bead loom to the very complex. There's a bead loom for every budget, beading style, and beader experience level.
American Science and Surplus
Too much fun! I have encountered things on this site that I've never seen before, and then wondered how I could have lived without! All kinds of goodies for beaders: glass bottles, tubes, storage, boxes, etc. Take a look around!
Dick Blick Art and Beading Supplies
Art Supply house Dick Blick also carries items for beading. Besides bead, they stock polymer clay, wire, bead thread, metal clay, paper, and paints. They carry a great Beading Board and a terrific Lampwork Starter Kit. There's also tons of great supplies for Mixed Media bead artists; just look around!
Bead Pattern Designer
Beadville is the home of one of the original, and still one of the finest, computerized bead pattern design software programs. Using this bead design program, you can create your own bead patterns by drawing directly into the program. Now, with an add-on for the older additions, but included with current editions, you can even import a photograph an convert that into your own custom bead pattern.
Beadsuite Bead Containers
Beadsuite makes the must utterly cool little bead containers, created to fit inside of a slightly-altered Plano brand box, which can be purchased spearately. The prices are great, and the containers are useful for a wide variety of beads.
Bead Pavilion Showcase and Shelves
The Bead Pavilion Showcase and Shelves is the finest bead storage system for smaller beads, especially seed beads and smaller accent-type beads. The Bead Pavilion Trays are removable for easy access and are made for either round bead tubes or rectangular bead tubes. The Pavilion shelf notches are set at 3" intervals, so you may store long or short tubes. Perfect bead storage!
Bourget Jewelcraft Suppliers
All the stuff you need to make fantastic bead creations can be found here. Everything, including thread, wire, foxtail, leather, crimpers, memory wire and much more. Great prices, and an excellent selection of tools and necessary items.
BrassPack Packing Supply
Everything you need to pack and ship those beautiful beads your created or beading products you've sold. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, labels, strapping, tools for packaging, you name it, they have it. Great prices, nice people. Bead sellers note: this company offers plastic sleeves and bag sealing equipment.
Burgard Studios - Bead Supplies
Burgard Studios is the place to go for jewelry bases to use with special beads. They have them all; finger ring forms for lampwork beads or cabochons, rings with loops to add your own beads, zipper pulls to which you may add beads, charming charms to sit atop beads, bead pendant holders, bead hangers, and their own brand of interchangeable bead rings.
Eastern Findings - Beads, Beading Supplies, and Metal
If you can't find your findings here, they may not exist. Beads, beading supplies, findings, bails, keychains, earring parts, rings, charms and brass shapes and stampings so popular right now are all offered by Eastern Findings, one of the oldest and best-known names in the bead and jewelry business.
Eclectic, Etc. Beads
Nice selection of brass, silver and plated charms. They have a huge selection. The gardening ones are cute, they would look good with some flower beads, don't you think?
Eloxite Tools & Supplies
Looms, needles, tools, bead caps, cord, you name it. Excellent prices, and a coupon, too.
Fancifuls, Inc. - Brass Charms and Stampings
This is a complete source for brass charms. These charms are all available in raw brass and would be perfect for use in mixed media, beading, artist trading cards or other bead related projects. They can be plated using gold or silver leaf or by electroplating. Beautiful charms at great prices.
Graph Paper for Beadwork
This excellent Beadwork Graph Paper is available as a CD for purchase from Bead-Patterns.com. The CD contains graphs for several beading stitches including Peyote, brick, Comanche, herringbone, Ndebele, net weave, right angle weave, tubular Peyote, and loom beading. There are blank graph sheets and pre-shaped graphs for bracelets, earrings, Amulet bags and other beading projects.
Jacky's Danish Crafts
Jacky's Danish Crafts is the place to find the beading forms, beadwork books, beading kits, and yes! - even those elusive size 9/0 beads. This is the bead size used in most of the Danish and Norther European beadwork projects, including those in the Olaf Pattern Series line of beading books. Jacky's also carries the Stenboden Patterns, along with many other great beading items.
Jewelry Designer Manager
Software to help you run your jewelry design business. Track inventory, price your work, categorize parts, set markup and print customizable reports. A huge help for any beadwork business, whether you create jewelry for resale or graph new designs for new beading book! Great organizational tool for hobbyists, too!
Mirrix Beadlooms
A lovely new page for Mirrix, the Queen of Looms! Dual-purpose looms which work for beading and tapestry making. Includes a detailed account of a beadworker using the loom. Neck aching from bending over a horizontal loom? This may help.
National Supply, Inc.
Crimps, wire, bead caps, tubes, clasps and other findings in 14K gold, Sterling Silver and base metals.
Sharon Bateman
Sharon has much more than just supplies! But, do take a look at her cool looms, and great books! There is a comprehensive tutorial available to use with the tiny and tube looms, and other wonderful things as only Sharon can provide! Don't miss this one!
Power Pro - Fishing Line That's Even Better for Beading
You can buy this braided Spectra fishing line - which also happens to make fantastic beading thread - on line, directly from the manufacturer. While the price is the same as retail dealer, it's still a bargain because you know you're getting the real thing, and you can purchase larger spools than on most other sites or in shops.
Soft Flex Wire
So much wonderful stuff, you may be here for hours! The Softflex company, while being the home of one of the greatest wire stringing products, is so much more. This is the place for the fun new Microbeads, Terrifically Tacky Tape, wire, jigs and more. Stop by and have a look around. New beads, too!
Snap Watch - Perfect for Beading
These "Snap Watch" wristwatches are perfect for beading. Bead directly onto the cord, or replace the cord with beads; simply cut the snaps from the cord and stitch them onto your beadwork. I like the look of the Dutch Spiral stitch for the band, and beaded one, which was mysteriously lost after I left it at my local watch shop for a battery change.
Specialty Bottle
Bottle, jars, pumps, containers and so much more! Perfect for beading, these lovelies will also make terrific storage or gifts for the bottle-beader in your life!
Supplies for Beading Pens and Other Accessories
Here are those terrific writing pen blanks, and many other beadable goodies, too. These are high-quality, nice looking products, and make an incredible finished piece. If you want to make a professional looking beaded pen or other item, don't miss these!
Suzanne Cooper's Handy Dandy Bead Guide
I've been hearing a lot about these lately! You just print this out onto a transparent sheet (for overhead projectors) and cut them out. Add some removable glue or a magnetic strip and you're all set to Peyote away!!
Stitch Painter
Beads, crochet, knit, needlepoint, cross stitch, this one graphs them all. Perfect for those who incorporate other types of fibers into their beadwork.

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