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Wildfire Beading Thread: A Basic Profile and Review

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The Bottom Line

Wildfire is a wonderful beading thread for beginners, even though it is more expensive than other beading threads. While it is difficult to cut with regular embroidery scissors, it is easily cut with a pair of inexpensive craft scissors. It requires no conditioning or stretching before using it, and it threads easily on a needle. Tangles are easy to undo, and it is difficult (but not impossible) to split it with a needle while stitching. Overall, this is a great thread for beaders who love the durability of Fireline but want a softer feel to their bonded beading threads.


  • Easy to thread on a needle
  • Tangles and knots come out easily
  • No need to condition before using
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Can be found at major craft stores


  • Somewhat more expensive than other types of beading thread
  • Limited number of colors available
  • Limited number of sizes available
  • Not available directly from the manufacturer


  • Strong, durable beading thread that is easy to use and wonderful for beginners.
  • Difficult to cut with embroidery scissors - use a pair of inexpensive craft scissors instead.
  • Difficult to pierce with a needle.
  • Suitable for stringing lightweight and tiny gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Guide Review - Wildfire Beading Thread: A Basic Profile and Review

What is it?
Wildfire is a braided, bonded beading thread similar in consistency and strength to fishing line. It has a more thread-like feel than other comparable braided and bonded beading threads.

What is it used for?
Wildfire is used primarily for off-loom beadweaving. The thicker sizes of Wildfire can be used to string small pearls or tiny gemstones and seedbeads. It is not generally recommended for bead embroidery.

What do the different sizes mean?
Wildfire is sized according to pounds, similar to fishing line. 6 lb. Wildfire requires 6 pounds of pressure to break it. 10 lb. Wildfire requires 10 pounds of pressure to break it. The higher the pounds, the stronger the thread.

How is it sold?
Wildfire is sold in spools containing 50 or 125 yards.

What colors does it come in?
Wildfire comes in moss green, white and black.

Best uses for Wildfire
Wildfire is best used for off-loom beadweaving. The stronger weights of Wildfire can be used with heavier metal seed beads and small gemstone beads. It can be used for bead embroidery.

Where can I buy it?
Wildfire is widely available in local bead shops and on the internet. Many large craft stores also carry Wildfire.

How much does it cost?
A 50 yard spool of wildfire will cost around $10. The larger 125 yard spools can be purchased for around $20.

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