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String-Me-Along Beading Project Bag Product Review

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String-Me-Along Beading Project Bag Product Review

The open String-Me-Along Bag with clear zippered project bag. Project bag is removable, and other project bags are also available.

The Bottom Line

The String-Me-Along project bag from Caravan Beads and The Well-Done Experience is a great way to take your beading projects with you. The clear zippered project pouches will let you bring along all the necessary supplies and tools for one or more beading projects, and the bag is compact enough that it can be tucked away in the corner of a tote bag or purse without taking up a lot of room. Overall, a good value for the price and a compact, secure way to bring your beading projects with you when you travel.
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  • Compact bag for taking your beading projects with you.
  • More than enough room for beads, scissors, thread and supplies in the detachable project bags.
  • Project bags swap out easily.
  • Secures easily for carrying in a tote bag or purse.
  • Great size - perfect for the beader on the go.


  • Difficult to get beading mat to roll out completely flat, even on a table or hard surface.


  • Closed dimensions: 9.5 inches x 6 inches x 3.25 inches
  • Velour work surface opens to 18 inches x 9 inches
  • Plastic pocket on outside for holding project directions or owner's id card
  • Strong elastic band to secure the bag closed
  • Comes with one zippered clear project bag - extras are available for additional cost

Guide Review - String-Me-Along Beading Project Bag Product Review

String-Me-Along Project Bag from Caravan Beads, $24.95 US includes one clear zippered project pouch - pack of 2 additional project pouches available for $12.50 US, plus shipping.

Since I love to take my beading projects with me when I travel, even if it's just to a Crafternoon at a friend's house, I'm always looking for an easy, compact way to bring a project with me. The String-Me-Along Project Bag looked like just the thing to tuck into my little tote bag for those trips around town, or even around the house.

At first glance, it doesn't seem like you can fit much into the little plastic zippered project case, but I managed to fit in my big embroidery scissors, a large spool of FireLine, a package of needles, my flat nose pliers, and enough beads for not just one, but three different projects that I was working on.

When I unrolled the bag to use the work surface, I found that I had a hard time getting the work surface to lie perfectly flat on my table, and my seed beads rolled around a bit before I managed to get the bumps straightened out. Fortunately, I was also able to pack in one of the smallest sized (5 3/4" x 7" mini) Designer's workpads from Designer's Findings, so I had a stable place to pile my seed beads while I worked. I wouldn't recommend trying to use it without having a hard surface like a table or a lap desk underneath.

I loved the pocket on the outside of the bag - it was the perfect size for slipping in a few pages of beading project directions and my notes on the projects that I was designing. A larger pair of scissors could also be tucked into that pocket, if they don't fit into the project bag.

The plastic zippered project bag unsnapped easily, and I found that I could also swap it out for a couple of the other zippered project bags that I use to sort my beading projects. Even some of the zippered pencil cases that I use to sort my projects fit securely into the bag.

The String-Me-Along project bag seems to be a good value for the price, with additional project pouches available in packs of 2.

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