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Free Patterns in Peyote Stitch

Lots of great free Peyote stitch beading patterns for you to download or print.
Animal Patterns
Various animal such Buffalo, Elephant, Mountain Lion, Penguin and Owl are featured here as patterns in brick, Peyote and loom.
Antique Typewriter Key Necklace
Make this cute antique beaded typewriter key pendant to wear alone or with other beaded necklaces.
Basic "Bitty Beads"
Great tutorial for making a basic "Bitty Bead" by Red Ventling, Bitty Bead Queen.
Bead a 3-D Turtle
Bead a little 3-d Beaded Turtle with seed beads and Flat Round Peyote Stitch
Bead a Bead
Learn how to cover a wooden bead with tubular peyote stitch. This has been one of my most requested topics!
Bead a Bottle
A simple way to get started covering bottles in peyote stitch.
Beaded Bicone Bead
A simple method for creating bicone shaped beaded beads.
Beaded Button Covers
Dress up an otherwise plain garment with beaded button covers. Look here for instructions.
Beaded Snake
A cute addition to a beaded garden would be the Peyote stitch beaded snake, using this free bead pattern.
Bearded Iris
A beautiful three dimensional Bearded Iris, one of the Heralds of Spring.
Berry Bracelet Bead Pattern by Deb Moffett-Hall
Make this light and lovely little Berry Bracelet using your choice of Peyote Stitch or Square Stitch.
Bingo Pattern Amulet Bag Pattern
Cute Bingo Pattern Amulet bag free bead pattern by Spotlight Artist Lisa Ring.
Buddha Amulet Bag Bead Pattern by Mary Tafoya
This serene Buddha amulet bag bead pattern was designed by Mary Tafoya, AKA Aunt Molly.
Cell Phone Pouch Pattern by Rita Sova
Pick up a wonderful cell phone pouch pattern designed by Rita Sova.
Christmoose Bead Pattern by Jeanette Shanigan
An adorable "Christmoose" pattern, from Jeanette Shanigan!
Daffodil Fairy Beaded Amulet Bag Pattern by Ann Scarborough
This charming Daffodil Fairy amulet bag bead pattern was designed by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.
Dolphin Dream
Divine and sublime Dolphin Dreams amulet bag with the "fringe fish".
Elephant Pattern Free Bead Pattern by Ann Paxton
Make this incredibly beautiful Elephant pattern, courtesy of Ann Paxton.
Flag Amulet Bag by Cheryl Assemi
Beautiful, waving flag amulet bead designed by Cheryl Assemi of The Beadgang.
Flag Patterns by Karen Jenner
Make this lovely flag pattern by Karen Jenner using either Peyote stitch or square stitch.
Flame Bracelet Free Bead Pattern by Cecilia Prado AKA InkChick
Use Peyote Stitch to make this fun Flame Bracelet and you get to color outside the lines, too. Designed by Cecilia Prado AKA InkChick.
Floating Hearts Pattern by Dona Anderson
Adorable Floating Hearts Amulet Bag pattern in two-drop Peyote, designed by Dona Anderson.
Flora and Fauna Bead Pattern by Charelene Hughes
A whimsical walk in the woods is what best describes this delightful bead patterns from Charlene Hughes AKA Beadyboop.
Forget Me Not Beaded Amulet Bag by Valerie Hixson
Make this sweet little Forget Me Not amulet bag in Peyote Stitch with Delica beads. Try Japanese or Czech size 11/0 seed beads of a slightly different look.
Free For All Bracelet
Using a base of Peyote, this freeform bracelet relies on loops and symmetry; even though it looks like a jumble, it is really very structured.
Freeform Peyote Stitch Beaded Bracelet
Make a freeform Peyote beaded bracelet with leftover of beads from other beading projects, plus a focal bead and some additional accent beads.
Geisha with Purple Background Bead Pattern by Sigrid Wynne Evans
Another Geisha, this one with a very Imperial purple background, also designed by Sigrid Wynne Evans.
Geisha with Red Background Bead Pattern by Sigrid Wynne Evans
Gorgeous Geisha with a red background bead pattern designed by Sigid Wynne Evans.
Girls, Girls, Girls!
Cute matching Amulet bags and earring sets featuring a ballerina, a figure skater and a fun little faiery!
Gold and White Amulet Bag in Peyote Stitch
Elegant beaded Amulet Bag pattern in gold and white, designed by Christime Manes.
Grapes and Apples by Bobbi Assemi
Luscious Amulet bag design using Peyote Stitch, designed by Bobbi Assemi of The Bead Gang.
Halloween Patterns - Requests
A bunch of Halloween patterns inspired by ideas sent by readers. Thanks to all for the creative contributions!
Halloween Peyote Patterns
More Halloween stuff: a bat, a skull, a witch and a black cat!
Heart of Gold by Carole Sweet
Subtle, stunning and sweet - this is one you've been saving the 24K Delicas for! Designed by Carole Sweet of the Bead Gang.
Holiday Earring Patterns
Great earring patterns suitable for Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanzaa and Yule.
Holiday Harvest
Fall's bountiful harvest: 3D pumpkins and Indian Corn, for great Autumnal jewelry and gifts.
How to Wrap a Rock
Find out how to wrap a rock with flat round peyote.
Hula Girl
Say Aloha to this little Hula girl.
Lighthouse Bead Pattern by Barbara Elbe
This lovely Lighthouse bead pattern is a study in warm and cold - the cold windswept coast and the warmth of the welcoming beacon.
Making the Basic "Bitty Bead"
With some "can't miss" instructions by Red Ventling, the Bitty Bead Queen!
Linda Breyer's Abstract Fuchsia Bead Pattern
Use Peyote stitch with multiple increases and decreases to bead this intricate Abstract Peyote project designed by Linda Breyer aka "Morticia" of Morticia's Magical Bead Tour. If the increases and decreases are a bit much for your eyes, choose a background color and bead this into a square using odd-count Peyote stitch to center the image. Beautiful!
Midnight at the Oasis Pattern
Inspired by Henna tattooing, this easy Peyote stitch bracelet will look like the real thing.
Miniature Easter Basket
A tiny Easter basket made from flat round Peyote.
Moose Nugget Factory Bead Pattern by Jeanette Shanigan
Make this cute Moose Nugget Factory beaded amulet bag with this pattern by Jeanette Shanigan.
Mother Earth Amulet Bag by Cheryl Assemi
Gorgeous Mother Nature Peyote Stitch Amulet Bag is designed in subtle shades of green by the very talented Cheryl Assemi of The Bead Gang.
Pattern Requests - Peyote Stitch Patterns
A variety of animal patterns, as requested by readers.
Pattern requests Part Two - More Peyote Stitch
More Peyote Stitch pattens as requested by readers.
Realistic Fuchsia Earrings
Pretty fuchsia earring that look like the real thing!
Red, White and Blue Bracelet With a Heart Of Gold
Make this red, white and blue bracelet with a heart of gold - your heart and the heart in the center of the pattern. Change the colors to two shade of pink and you have a wonderful Breast Cancer awareness bracelet. How cool is that?
Sacred Heart
The Milagro-inspired Sacred Heart amulet bag pattern is given here.
She Stands Tall Peyote Stitch Version Bead Pattern
Here is the Peyote Stitch version of the "She Stands Tall" pattern designed by Margie Deeb.
Snow Angel
Here's a miniature angel to make.
St. Patrick's Day Alternative
With a brief history of the Druids, snakes, the Church and St. Patrick.
Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Bead Pattern by Pat Savu
This lovely Two of Pentacles AKA Two Of Coins tarot cars bead pattern was designed by Pat Savu.
Violet Amulet Bag in Peyote Stitch by Catherine Vondehuevel
Sweet and lovely violet amulet bag free bead patterns for flat, even-cpount Peyote stitch, designed by Catherine Vondehuevel.
Watson the Parrot Amulet Bag by Brenda Whitehead
Brenda Whitehead designed this sweet Amulet bag depicting her family parrot, Watson.
Winter Steeples Beaded Bracelet by Suzanne Cooper
This lovely Winter Steeples bracelet always takes me back to a winter's night scene in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Woven Madness by Connie Bell
A wonderful zigzag pattern for an Amulet Bag, done in Peyote stitch and designed by Connie Bell of the Bead Gang.
Ava Farrington's Free Patterns
Some beautiful flowers for Tubular Peyote are here, as well as a gorgeous Sunburst bag pattern. If you like big bright flowers, don't miss these!
Very cool patterns, especially the Celtic Knots and The Weaver. Can't wait to try them. Check monthly for new patterns.
Frogstone's Free Bead Patterns
Four pages of fabulous patterns! Lots of animals and on Page 2 there is an adorable Valentine pattern, too!
Heirloom Beaded Ornament Patterns
Breathtaking ornament covers, done in Peyote stitched panels around the ball. Go look, these are just incredible. Patterns are very reasonably priced, and there's still time to make at least one before Christmas!
Another great floral, this one for Peyote Stitch. I love the Iris, and this pattern is just adorable. Look around this site for more cool patterns, too.
Moonstone Patterns
From Moonstone, AKA Kristi from Spokane, WA, comes this gorgeous "Blue Poppie" amulet bag pattern. I just love the colors she used, and it's done in 14/0's! Other patterns here too. Take a look around this lovely site.
Suzanne Cooper's Free Pattern
A new pattern from time to time, lots of gorgeous things! Come and take a look around at the patterns, and the rest ofthis delightful site.

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