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Beading a Cool Pool Blue Bracelet

With Pearls, Sterling and Peruvian Opal


Cool Pool Blue

Cool blue Peruvian Opal, smooth pearls and sparkling silver makes a refreshing statement

Paula S. Morgan
What could be more evocative of summer than the cool color blue? These lovely Peruvian Opals made me think of cool swimming pools full of refreshing water the first time I saw them. I knew I wanted to string them with pearls for the sheer luxury of them, but had a bit of a had time finding the perfect accent beads to set them off.

Finally, after much search and though, I found these perfect little sterling rondelle spacers at General Bead my hometown favorite bead store. The opals came from the folks at Sweetcreek.com. The pearls were some I has in my personal stash, but there are pretty easy to find these days - General Bead always has a nice selection.

Here's what you need to make one of your own.

7 - 13mm X 10mm Oval shaped Peruvian Opal beads

6 - 8mm white Freshwater Pearls

14 - 4 mm Sterling Silver twisted rondelle beads, General Bead Item #BSC008

14 - 2mm Sterling Silver Round Beads General Bead Item #BSA001

10 inches C-Flex Brand 49 Strand Beading Wire, .015 Diameter

2 - 1/2 inch pieces Silver Colored Gimp, General Bead Item #CDM001

2 Sterling Silver Tornado Crimps, found at Via Murano Beads

Silver Plate Toggle Clasp General Bead Item # BSC008

Start by rolling out approximately 10 inches of wire from the C-Lon spool. Add one of each bead in the following order: 2mm Sterling Silver bead, 4mm Sterling Silver Twisted Rondelle, Peruvian Opal, 4mm Twisted Silver Rondelle, 2mm Sterling Silver Round bead, pearl, 2mm round sterling silver bead, 4mm twisted rondelle bead, then another Peruvian Opal. Note that there are no 2mm beads between the rondelle beads that sit next to the Opals, only at the beginning and end of the strand and next to each pearl. Here's an enlarged copy of the picture at right, so you can see the stringing pattern. If you require a shorter bracelet, the 2mm bead can be omitted.

Continue this pattern until you have strung all of the beads.

After all of the beads are strung, ass the Tornado Crimp, a piece of gimp and one half of the toggle clasp. Pass the C-Lon back through the crimp and close the crimp tube using your chain nose pliers. Be sure to press the crimp first on one side, then turn it over and press on the other side. These are excellent and very secure crimps. Trim your C-Lon and return to the other end of the bracelet.

Cut the C-Lon wire approximately 3 inches from the end of the bracelet. Add a Tornado crimp, piece of gimp and the other half of the toggle clasp. Push the beads toward the other end of the bracelet to take out any slack and to make sure the beads are evenly spaced Repeat crimping as described.

You are now the owner of a cool blue and beautiful bracelet! Wear it on one of the scorching days of summer and I'll bet that you'll feel a bit of a cool breeze every time you look at it!

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