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Beading Threads

Untangling the Mystery of Beading Threads


The thread you use for your beading projects is just as important as the beads themselves. Using a high-quality beading thread suited for the type of project such as off-loom beadweaving, loom weaving or stringing will make your project durable and beautiful. To help you figure out which thread is best for your beading projects, here are profiles of some of the most common beading threads available in stores and online.

Bonded Beading Threads

Braided and bonded beading threads are also used as fishing line. While these threads do not come in as many colors as nylon beading threads and can be somewhat more expensive, they are stronger, don't tangle as easily, and are easier to thread on a needle. Most of these beading threads are also available in sporting goods stores, outdoor gear stores, and department stores with a sporting goods department.

Nylon Beading Threads

These types of beading threads require conditioning before use. When using any nylon beading thread, it is important to condition it with either Thread Heaven or beeswax and to give it a good stretch to make sure that the thread holds it's shape and to help prevent fraying and tangling. These threads are generally available in a wide range of colors that will closely match your seed bead colors.

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