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Crystal beads are shiny, faceted glass beads with special brilliance and reflectivity. Here's a list of free crystal patterns on About.com and elsewhere on the Internet.

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Tip: You can substitute different brands of crystal beads in these patterns, as long as you use the same sizes and shapes. For example, you can use Swarovski crystal bicones instead of Chinese crystal bicones.

Please click on the title of each project below to go directly to the pattern.

Simple Hexagon Weave Earrings

Hexagon angle weave earrings
Hexagon Weave Earrings by Chris Franchetti Michaels

These basic hexagon angle weave earrings use 3mm crystal bicones and standard round seed beads.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Fiesta Twin Bead and Crystal Earrings

Fiesta Twin and Crystal Earrings
Fiesta Earrings by Chris Franchetti Michaels

This pattern uses 4mm bicone crystals along with round seed beads and two-hole Twin beads. You can substitute Superduos for the Twin beads, if you'd like.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Easy Crystal Bead Tennis Bracelet

Crystal Tennis Bracelet
Easy Swarovski Crystal Tennis Bracelet by Jennifer VanBenschoten

This classic bracelet design uses 4mm crystal bicones and cylinder beads. You stitch it up using single-needle right angle weave.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Crystal Circle Beaded Pendant

Crystal Circle Pendant
Crystal Circle Beaded Pendant by Jennifer VanBenschoten

This gorgeous little pendant uses 3mm and 4mm crystal bicones and size 15/0 round seed beads.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Red Crystal and Brass Flower Bracelet

Red Crystal and Brass Flower Bracelet Tutorial
Red Crystal and Brass Flower Bracelet by Tammy Powley

This simple project shows you how stunning cube crystals can look in a single-strand bracelet.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Swarovski Crystal Tennis Bracelets

Swarovski Crystal Bracelets by Pam Preslar
Swarovski Crystal Bracelets by Pam Preslar

In this free tutorial, Pam Preslar takes you step by step through the process of making these sparkling bicone crystal bracelets. Once you learn the basic technique, you can switch up the pattern and customize your designs. You'll need to sign up for a free account on Pam's site to download the directions.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Crystal Ornament

Crystal Ornament pattern
Crystal Ornament by Deborah Roberti

I'm a big fan of Deborah Roberti's work, and this little ornament is a great example of her creativity. Learn how to make it in this free pattern from Around the Beading Table.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Garden Necklace

Garden Necklace beading pattern
Garden Necklace by Deborah Roberti

Also from Around the Beading Table, this sparkling necklace uses crystal bicones, round beads, and Delica cylinder beads. I can see this one adapted for holidays, prom, or even weddings.

Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate

Crystal Chain Bracelet

Crystal Chain bracelet beading pattern
Crystal Chain Bracelet by Deborah Roberti

This pattern takes a slightly different, lacy approach to bead weaving with crystals. I love it! It's also courtesy of Around the Beading Table.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Triangle Weave Bracelet

Triangle Weave Bracelet pattern
Triangle Weave Bracelet by Deborah Roberti

Learn embellished triangle weave while stitching up this elegant bracelet. It's a nice example of how you can combine crystals with Czech fire polished beads.

Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate

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