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How to Use Tackle Boxes for Bead Storage


How to Use Tackle Boxes for Bead Storage

Tackle boxes work just as well for beads as they do for fishing lures

What it is:

Tackle boxes are used for storing fishing lures and gear, but they work just as well for storing beads and supplies.

What it is good for:

Tackle boxes work well for storing many different kinds of beads along with your supplies and tools in one place. The plastic tackle boxes generally have adjustable compartments so that you can customize them to organize your materials and beads. Since many of the plastic tackle boxes are made to fit into soft-sided carriers, you can take your beads with you easily wherever you go.

Where you can buy them:

Look for tackle boxes and soft-sided carriers in the sporting goods section of your local department store, or try an outdoor store.


  • Tackle boxes are less expensive than other types of storage
  • Adjustable compartments let you customize your storage needs
  • Easily portable
  • Clear plastic boxes let you see easily what is inside


  • Steep sides can make getting to seed beads difficult; instead, use tackle boxes to store bags, tubes or boxes of beads

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