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Beadweaving - Why is it Called Off-Loom Beadweaving?

A Frequently Asked Beadwork Question


Off-loom beadweaving is the technique of stitching together beads with thread without the use of a loom. Off-loom beadweaving includes several different beading stitches such as: brick, peyote/gourd, right angle weave, netting, herringbone (Ndebele), spiral rope and chevron.

Off-loom beadweaving requires only a needle, thread and beads. It does not require the use of a loom, hence the name “off-loom”, but for some tubular and rope stitches such as African Helix, the use of a stick or other supporting form is required.

Seed beads are the most common type of bead used in off-loom beadweaving. These little beads range in size from very small (22/0) to very large (6/0 or larger). Other beads can be incorporated into off-loom beadweaving such as crystals, pearls, pressed glass beads, fire polished beads, tiny shells, gemstones, bugle beads, drop beads and cube beads.

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