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Peyote Stitch Tube Bead Pattern - Stamped Peach Satin


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Peyote Stitch Tube Bead Pattern - Stamped Peach Satin
Peyote Stitch Beaded Tube Bead Pattern Chart - Stamped Peach Satin

The graph pattern for the Stamped Peach Satin peyote stitch tube bead. (Please click the image for a larger, printable view.)

©Chris Franchetti Michaels

Use even-count flat peyote stitch to complete this simple pattern. Then, zip-up the first and last rows to create a beaded tube. Slide the tube over your choice of jewelry cord or chain, or string it with 6mm or larger glass beads at both ends.


  • 1.8 grams of size 11/0 Delica cylinder beads in light peach satin, DB0821 (A)
  • .45 grams of size 11/0 Delica cylinder beads in metallic dark bronze, DB-0022 (B)
  • 9 (beads, not grams) size 11/0 Miyuki round seed beads in matte silver lined olive, 11-0026F (C)
  • Size D, or equivalent, beading thread of your choice (such as Nymo, Wildfire or FireLine)
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter

For an example of a completed tube bead and pattern tips, see the next page.


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