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How to Make Your Own Beads

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make your own beads out of a variety of different materials, this is where you will find the instruction and inspiration. Make your own beads for your projects using felt, paper, glass and beads.

Make Wire Beads by Lisa Van Herik

A review of the first book devoted solely to making wire beads.

Making Paper Beads

A gallery of photos courtesy of Vicki Dehne, the originator of the Paper Bead Roller.

Making Paper Beads

Step by step instructions on how to make your own rolled paper beads using the Paper Bead Roller.

How to Make Your Own Paper Beads

This is a tutorial on how to make your own rolled paper beads. This is a great way to get into making handmade beads, and they can be made from almost any kind of paper. They look wonderful when paired with Swarovski crystals or sterling silver beads.

Making Polymer Clay Beads

This is a great blog with video tutorials on how to make polymer clay beads. Excellent for the beginner as well as the artist who has some polymer clay experience.

Hot Head Glass - Cindy Jenkins

Cindy Jenkins is the inventor of the Hot Head single fuel torch, and a recognized expert in making glass beads. Her website gives all the inspiration and instruction you will need to start making your own glass beads.

Delphi Glass

Delphi Glass is a great supplier for all your fusing and lampworking needs. In addition to carrying a wide range of jewelry making and beading products, they also offer tutorials, project ideas and an online gallery of artisan work for sale.


WigJig is a popular wire wrapping tool, and can be used to make many types of beading components - findings, clasps, and even your own wire beads.

How to Count Rows in Brick Stitch

Learn how to count your rows when working in brick stitch, an off loom beadweaving stitch. Counting your rows is an important basic skill when...

Spiral Tube Charted Peyote Stitch Pattern

This is the charted peyote stitch pattern to make a simple beaded bead that can be used for beaded earrings, bracelets, necklaces or other beading projects.

How to Make an Easy Peyote Stitch Beaded Bead

If you want to get started making your own beaded beads, here are a few easy steps to follow to make your own easy peyote stitch beaded bead. Beaded beads can be used to make your own beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces and beaded earrings.

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