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How to Weave-In Warp Threads on Loom Beadwork

Hide Thread Tails and Attach a Clasp


11. Create a Beaded End Loop

Seed beads strung for end loop on beadwork
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Thread the needle onto the middle warp thread that you skipped. Pick up enough beads to make a small loop. I picked up ten beads. Optionally, make the first bead a different color than the rest of the beads.

While holding the first bead between your fingers, pass the needle back down through that bead to create the loop. Pull the thread taut.

12. Pass Back Into the Beadwork

Diagram for completing beaded end loop
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

The path that you take to reenter the beadwork with your needle depends on whether your beadwork has an odd or even number of vertical columns. If it has an odd number, like the bracelet in the example, skip over one bead in the last row of beads, and then pass back through that bead.

If it has an even number of columns, pass straight down into the same space your needle originally exited (shown on the left), and then pass sideways through an adjacent bead in the second from last row (shown in the graphic beside the next step).

13. Reinforce the End Loop

Thread path for reinforcing beaded end loop
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Switch direction and weave back up into and through the entire end loop one more time. Click on the graphic on the left for a full-size view of the suggested thread paths for reentering the loop with odd and even column beadwork.

14. Weave-In and End the Thread

Weaving-in and ending the beading thread
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Weave in this thread, using the same style of thread path you used to weave-in the other warp threads.

Cut the thread close to the beadwork.

15. Repeat on the Other End

Beaded end loops on both ends of the bracelet pattern
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Use the same techniques to weave-in the warp threads on the other end of the beadwork, and make a matching end loop there.

16. Attach a Clasp

Clasp attached to beadwork with jump rings
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Use chain nose or flat nose pliers to attach a ready-made clasp to your end loops with jump rings. I used a Vintaj antiqued brass lobster clasp and jump rings.

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