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Beading on a loom

Beading on a loom.

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Many local bead shops carry one or two models of wire frame or wood frame beading looms. Some big box stores also carry loom beading kits, often in the kids' section, which include an economical wire frame loom.

For other loomwork supplies, you may need to shop online. Here is a list of online suppliers recommended by Beadwork guides and readers, categorized by type of supply. You'll notice that many carry more than one type or brand of loomwork supply, but no single store carries them all.

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Beading Looms

Beading Needles

Beading Thread and Cord

Ribbon Clamp Ends

Important: Remember that you cannot safely clamp these down on top of woven warp threads or beadwork, because the serration makes them too sharp. You should adjust them with nylon jaw pliers before attaching them, and then slide them on over glue. (We're still looking for a good supplier of non-serrated ribbon ends. If you know of one, please click the link below "Reader's Respond" at the bottom of this article and share!)

Thread Burners

General Beading Supplies

Many of the stores in this list also carry general supplies that you'll need, such as thread conditioner (for unwaxed nylon beading thread), beading scissors, clasps, jump rings, and E6000 glue. You should be able to find them using the search function on each site.

You can also find E6000 glue at hardware stores. While you're there, be sure to pick up some masking tape for warping your loom using the winding method.

To learn more about the UV resin and UV light I used in the selvage finishing tutorial, visit LisaPavelka.com.

Disclosure: I received a free bottle of Magic Glos UV resin and a light kit from Lisa Pavelka to use in tutorials and projects in one of my recent jewelry making books. I occasionally use those same products here on About.

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