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Bead Kits from The Jewelry Workshop with Rachel Nelson- Smith

Fresh and original, these kits rock!

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Ootheca Cuff Beaded Bracelet Beading Kit by Rachell Nelson-Smith

Ootheca Cuff Beaded Bracelet Beading Kit by Rachell Nelson-Smith

Rachel Nelson-Smith
If you're looking for a beading project kit that's designed with an additional bit of flair, using easy-to-work bead stitches, and adding unusual surface treatment, look no further than these beading kits from The Jewelry Workshop with Rachel Nelson-Smith.

The Ootheca Cuff Bracelet Bead Kit

Perhaps her best known bead kit, the Ootheca Cuff beaded bracelet is a remarkable project. Beginning with a base of single-needle right angle weave, then embellished with even count tubular Peyote stitch, this bead kit offers several surprising features, including wire work in the assembly. The surface texture is a series of hills and valleys, with beautiful crystals peeking out between them.

This bead kit is meant for an experienced beader, with at least some working knowledge of right angle weave and even count tubular peyote, and some wire work experience is necessary for the assembly of the bracelet. This beaded bracelet kit is a time-consuming project, but the completed piece makes it well worth the time and effort involved. This bead kit is available in four colors: turquoise, topaz (which is gorgeous), white, and grape, which combines green and purple and is really quite lovely.

Embellished African Helix Bead Kit

This beaded bracelet kit, made on a base of African Helix stitch, is so lovely on its own, that you may choose not to add the embellishment. And, if that weren't enough, Rachel even starts the African Helix for you, so all you'll need to do is pick up where the kit's "head start" piece leaves off.

Another cool reward with this kit, is that you don't even have to finish the base before you may begin adding the embellishment. Once you have a long enough base piece, you can go back and work a bit of the surface treatment, the add more helix base later. Switching back and forth removed the tedium that sometimes accompanies a basic stitch, and gives you an idea early-on how the embellishment will look on the finished piece.

Finally, all of the materials are included with this kit to make your own sterling silver, wire-wrapped clasp. The instructions for this are very easy to follow, even if you have little experience with wire work. However, if you have never bent wire, you may want to do a "practice run" with some plain wire first, before you commit the wire from the kit. However, it is simple to make an adds an elegant touch.

This is a fun, easy and very rewarding kit, and will get you hooked on surface embellishment. You may even find yourself going through your own bead stash looking for extra or substitute beads for this project. It's lots of fun and is highly recommended.

Peyote Stitched Cuff Bracelet Bead Kit

This bead kit is both the most elegant and the easiest of all to bead. Comprised of a simple section of flat, even-count Peyote stitch, using size 8/0 Delica beads, the pattern combines a selection of colors with various surface treatments on the glass. These treatments include color lined beads, matte, matte AB, transparent AB, and regular transparent beads, in either regular, round Delica size 8/0 or Japanese Hex beads in size 8/0.

The color gradient, or "fade" effect, is repeated throughout the length of the bracelet, allowing the eye to follow the subtle shift of the color and surface treatments of the glass. This makes for an eye-catching piece of finished jewelry, especially when complimented by the absolutely gorgeous selection of large glass buttons Rachel included with this kit. This is a terrific project for a new beader, and there are helpful construction hints in all of these kits, including basic stitch tips, tension comments and more.

While this kit is designed for a beginning beader, and would make a great first project, even a "seasoned" beader will enjoy the pattern in this beaded bracelet kit.

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