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Theresa Guthrie's No Warps! Loom Method Class-in-a-Bag kit

Learn to weave beads using a four-selvedge bead loom technique

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Review of the bead weaving product

Review of the bead weaving product "Teresa Guthrie's No Warps! Class in a Bag Kit"

Teresa Guthrie
Do you love the look of loom woven beadwork but hate the task of weaving in or otherwise disposing of what seems like millions of warp threads after you complete your project?

If so, then this is the miracle you've been waiting for! Theresa Guthrie has been teaching this method for many years, and now, finally, she has put it in a kit for those of use who long to learn but have not been able to get to her classes.

An Amazing Bead Weaving Process

I had wondered about Theresa Guthrie's No Warps! method of beading for years, hoping that I would someday be able to take her class. I really love to weave beads on a loom, but I really hate to process those pesky warp threads. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered that Theresa was going to offer the No Warps! Class-in-a-Bag Kit.

The No Warps! Class-in-a-Bag Kit contains absolutely everything you need including the instructions for the four-selvedge warping technique, plus a beautiful pattern and all the beads you'll need to make a gorgeous, No Warps! bead woven bracelet.

First, I read through the instruction booklet and was just a little intimidated. It sounded like it would be difficult, but I finally got a grip and just sat down and did it. I was genuinely surprised at how easy it really was. The instructions are worth the price of the kit alone, and then some. Written with the inexperienced beader in mind, Theresa's instructions walk the beader through the entire process, including all the tips of nearly a lifetime working this bead weaving method, ensuring that the beader will have a successful first try with the process.

Warping Done, Now, Let's Bead!

Once the warping process was complete, I was surprised that it had taken less time that I allotted. Done one step at a time, the process is actually quite simple.

The actual beading with this method is just like bead weaving on a traditional loom. I used a "bead soup" mix of colors, so that I could complete the weaving quickly and experience the magic of removing the beadwork from the loom set-up.

Once the weaving was completed and I worked through the steps to remove it from the armature, I was almost speechless. Except for a simple clasp, the weaving was ready to wear. It truly was No Warps!

Next, I'll use the pattern that came with the kit, then I'll work using the Jujube Cuff Bracelet project, also by Theresa. After that, I may just try my hand at one of Theresa's Advanced No Warps! Kits. Then, maybe a wall hanging or an amulet bag pattern; the possibilities are endless!

In conclusion, if you love to weave on a loom, and even if you don't mind weaving in warp ends, this kit is a must-have. You'll learn a new technique to weave beads and a great way to save aggravation, using a beautiful beading kit, with lots of e-mail support from Theresa herself to make this a completely worthwhile purchase. Five big stars from me!

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