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Links to beadwork kit sellers, beading tutorial kits, bead class kits, beading project kits for groups and individual bead patterns.
Star Spangled Beaded Knitting Kits by Earth Faire Designs
A set of swirling, twirling beaded knitting pieces - a beautiful long longer, or longest, depending on how much stringing you want to do, bead knitted necklace, and a fun and easy bead knitted bangle, knitted using an easy to learn stitch to make it twist back and forth and show off all the beads to their fullest.
Garden Party Beaded Bracelet - Bead Kit by Margo C. Field
A beautiful wrist corsage beaded bracelet kit, beaded using herringbone stitch and glass cube beads, seed beads, and fabulous vintage sequins.
Geometric Beading - Beadwork Book and Beading Kit by Glenda Payseno
This huge, beautifully prepared, and well-written Geometric Beading Book and Bead Kit Collection by Glenda Payseno is a great text for beaders wanting to learn to make both flat and dimensional geometric shapes using a variety of seed and other beads; Czech firepolish beads, Swarovski crystal, Czech seed beads, and Japanese-made seed beads. The geometric shapes covered in this bead kit collection include triangles, squares, stars, hexagons, and a pattern for making your own beaded toggle clasps.
Turquoise and Silver Round About Bracelet Bead Kit by Michelle Skobel
This is such a sweet and petite beaded bracelet, in a bead kit complete with everything you'll need to complete one of these Round About Bracelets for yourself. It just comes alive with the brilliance of turquoise-colored and sparkling silver beads. It will add a perfect touch to any type of outfit and can be worn day or night; there's enough subtly for daytime at the office, and plenty of sparkle for the parties and celebration of the season. Simple to bead, quick to make, and just gorgeous.
Bead Soup Bracelet and Bead Stew Bracelet
I love to knit, even though I am a rank amateur. I can knit, perl, cast on and off, increase and decrease and that's it. Start talking gauge and row counts and stitch holders and I glaze over. Plus, those size 0000 knitting needles are dangerous, or in my hands they are, so when I saw that this beautiful beaded knitting can be made with size 0 (or even larger) needles, I knew I had have these kits.
Bead Crochet From Scratch
This may be the number one best way to learn how to bead crochet, especially if you've never even done regular crochet! Lydia Borin teaches this technique using progressively smaller thread, beads and needles, and does it perfectly. Excellent product!
Bead Kits from The Jewelry Workshop with Rachel Nelson- Smith
Rachel Nelson-Smith designs compelling bead project kits with a flair for the artistic. Her basic stitches are easily workable, but the secret lies in the embellishment.
Beaded Bead / Beaded Tassel Kits
This kit for beaded tassels and beaded beads is so much fun, I've done them again and again. Making beaded beads is a great way to get a new focal bead using beads already in your stash, and making tassels is a great way to adorn a big focal bead, too. Great price, terrific instructions.
Beading Kits by Stephanie Eddy
Utterly delightful and creative beading kits.
Beadwork Gift Basket Ideas
Lots of tips and ideas for creating a bead related gift basket to give to a beader in your life or as a gift from one beader to another.
Cinnamon Lace Beading Kits
Light and lacy beaded confections from Cinnamon Lace Beading Kits.
Emerald Elegance Beaded Necklace Bead Kit
Make this lush looking Emerald Elegance beaded necklace from this great bead kit by Sandra Halpenny, distributed by [link url=http://readytobead.com]Ready to Bead[/link]
Russian Shell Necklace Kit by Linda Richmond
Review of the bead kit Russian Shell Necklace by Linda Richmond
Mill Hill™ Dragonfly Beaded Needlepoint Kits
These cute little dragonfly beaded needlepoint kits are a perfect addition to a summer hat, or can be sued as a pin, necklace addition or any other type of adornment. easy to make, and a great price, too.
Japanese Lantern Beading Kit
This beadwork kit contains a challenging bead project that teaches the user how to create a unique style of dimensional beaded vessel. The project is beaded using Peyote Stitch, enabling the beader to alter the surface pattern to create different visual effects and textures while the essential beaded vessel shape remains intact.
Jujube Cuff Beaded Bracelet Kit
This fun little cuff bracelet may be beaded using the marvelous No Warps! method of bead weaving, or can be completed using traditional square stitch. Either way, it is a cute and flirty beaded bracelet, perfect for Spring and Summer wear.
Over the Top Bracelet Kit by Nikia Angel
A fun, frothy and easy to make beaded bracelet kit.
Poinsettia Bracelet Bead Kit by Deborah Roberti
This beautiful Poinsettia Bracelet beading kit has everything you'll need to make this sparkling bracelet in the rich colors of the Holiday season, with tons of Swarovski sparkle.
Project Parts for Beading
Here are the finest Project Parts for Beading to be found on the Internet. High quality pen, key chain, business card cases and more, made especially to display your finest beadwork or lampwork beads, from Toika Bridges, one of the first beading suppliers to bring these terrific products to the beading community.
Saraguro Style Beaded Necklace by Glenda Payseno
This Saraguro Style Necklace beading kit, designed by Glenda Payseno and distributed by Ready to Bead is available in a variety of colors, including this delicate shade of salmon. It is a beautiful beaded netting project, and looks very similar to the style of beading done by the Saraguro people of South America.
Sandra Halpenny's Drop Lace Necklace Collection 2007 - Ten Beaded Necklace Kit
From the creative partnership of Sandra Halpenny and Sherry Wayt, owner of the company Ready to Bead? comes this shimmering collection of necklace kits called the Drop Lace Necklace Pattern Collection 2007. Use these kits to build up your own beaded necklace collection, or to start beading items for your Holiday gift list. You get ten complete kits containing everything you need to make ten gorgeous Drop Lace Beaded Necklaces for less than $10 per necklace. Can't beat that!
Sandra Halpenny Bracelet Pattern Collection 2007 - Complete Dozen Beading Kit
Sandra Halpenny and Sherry Wayt do it again! This time, it's a maseterpiece, a full dozen beautiful beaded bracelet designs by Sandra Halpenny, plus a complete kit including ALL of the beads, thread, needles and clasps you'll need to complete each one of the tewelve bracelets in the book! Just - WOW!!
Teresa Guthrie's No Warps! Loom Method Class-in-a-Bag kit
Use this excellent kit from Teresa Guthrie to learn her method for creating four selvedge bead weaving projects. Everything you'll need is in the bag.
Twist Bugle & Seed Bead Necklace Bead Kit by Sandra Halpenny
Grab yourself one of these fun, easy, and absolutely charming [i]Twist Bugle & Seed Bead Necklace[/i] beading kits, designed by Sandra Halpenny and distributed by the fine folks at [I]Ready to Bead?[/I]
A Muse Ink., Bead Patterns by Chris Manes
Beading patterns by Chris Manes. Her beading patterns are always lush, detailed and gorgeous. Look at the "Cleopatra" and the "Tiger Woman" patterns to see what I mean. She also has a beautiful Celtic bag bead pattern and beautiful faces in bags representing the elements.
Ann Benson Beading Kits
Kits for card beading, beadpoint and bead needleweaving at great prices, too! Take a look around, Ann Benson's beading kits are just gorgeous. Don't miss the Rivoli Beaded Bracelet, the Heliotrope Necklace, or any of her beaded rings, earrings or brooch patterns using the magnificent Rivoli stones from Swarovski. They are absolutely gorgeous bead kits.
Barbara Elbe Beading Kits and Bead Patterns
Barbara has patterns for sale on her site along with all the supplies you'll need to create any of the bead projects she's designed.
Bead Patterns.Com
Bead patterns from just about every bead designer there is are available for sale on this site. And now, there's more than just patterns, there are bead kits, beading supplies, some great bead organizers and so much more to come from the delightful owner of Bead-Patterns.com, Rita Sova.
Beaded Lady - Valerie Hixson Beading Kits and Bead Patterns
Valerie is such a talented bead designer, and her beading kits show it. I love the RX kits - what a perfect gift for an ailing friend. Val's other beading kits just make me want them all, especially the bead kits for the projects featured in her book Wild Things.
Blue Bear Beading Kits and Bead Patterns
Absolutely gorgeous bead patterns for sale here, designed by Dawn Dalto. The patterns available include her beaded Amulet bags with matching bracelets, her Domestic Cats series, Beaded Beads, Celtic Bead Patterns, Geometric Bead Patterns and so much more.
French Beaded Flowers
Create a virtual garden with beads and these bead flower patterns. These are the most lifelike looking beaded flowers I've seen, and I know you'll love them too. Patterns are available for many of the bead flower designs at very reasonable prices.
Linda Richmond Beading Kits
Linda's beadwork has been featured in the major beading magazines, and for good reason. One look at these beading kits, and you'll be wondering how you've lived without them. Great prices, excellent customer service, and beautiful bead kits. Perfect!
Glass Bead Garden Bead Kits
The selection of bead shapes available at The Glass Bead Garden would, of course, mean that the kits here are fantastic. And they are. Created by store owner Alexis, these kits each have their own bit of quirkiness and there's something for every turn of the calendar page. The prices are great, and the accent beads are just marvelous.
Lisa Ring Beading Kits and Bead Patterns
Lisa Ring is a bead designer with a knack for cats. Wild cats and domestic cats are featured in Lisa's bead patterns and beading kits, as well as her beautiful beaded flower bracelet kit and her other bead patterns.
Margie Deeb's Minoa Bead Patterns and Beading Kits
Margie Deeb is the talent behind Minoa Bead Patterns and her bead loom and Peyote stitch beading projects are always fantastic. She sells a variety of bead patterns including bracelets, mini-tapestries, beaded necklaces as well as beading products. Don't miss her beading books and her regular Beading Color Challenges.
Place to Bead, The - Beading Kits and Bead Patterns
Fantastic beading kits on this site. Beading artists include Toho Bead Artistry, Julie Froines and Lou Ann Hall. Beading kits include beaded bracelets, beaded rings (not finger rings, but design element rings) beaded necklaces, scissors pouches and many more beaded objects you'll have to have once you see these wonderful bead kits and beading patterns.
Wire, Fiber and Beaded Bracelets by Lisa Van Herik
These wild wire bracelets are so fun to make and every bit as fun to wear. Lisa makes them easy for anyone to master and shares her talent with us by offering beading kits and bead patterns for making these wonderful bead, fiber and wire cuffs.
Stephanie J. Eddy Bead Kits
Stephanie's bead kits always make me smile. Fun and innovative beading designs, easy to follow directions, and always a lovely assortment of the best beads are included in these bead kits. Her prices on these kits are a bargain, and they create beautiful finished beadwork, great for gift-giving or for your own bead wardrobe.

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