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How to Make the Turn in Flat Odd Count Peyote Stitch

Three methods for making the turn and when they would be most useful


One of the challenges of working in flat odd count peyote stitch is making that funny turn at the end of every other row. If you are new to off-loom beadweaving, this might be a little confusing. For more advanced beaders, each way of making the turn can be used to achieve a different look to your peyote stitched piece. Try each method of making the turn and see which one you are most comfortable with.

1. Traditional or "Figure 8" Turn

Jennifer VanBenschoten
This is the most common way to make the turn at the end of every other row when working in flat odd count peyote stitch. Making this turn will keep your beadwork perfectly flat but will add a few extra thread passes through the beads along one edge of the piece. It works best with Japanese seed beads and cylinder beads that have large holes - they will allow for more thread passes than the Czech seed beads.

2. Under the Thread Turn

Jennifer VanBenschoten
If following the thread path for the Figure 8 turn makes you dizzy, you can do a simplified alternate turn in flat odd count peyote stitch. This method takes your needle and thread under the threads connecting the previous two beads on the outer edge of the beadwork.

With this turn, it is important to pay attention to your tension - if you pull too hard on the thread when making the turn, your beadwork will curve along one edge. If you want your beadwork to lay flat, don't pull tightly on the thread.

Sometimes, you might want a slight curve along one edge of your beadwork - this is great when making a band of peyote to use as the base for a necklace.

3. The "No Turn" Turn

Jennifer VanBenschoten
Developed my Cynthia Rutledge, this "no turn" turn is easy to use when working a large, plain piece of flat odd count peyote stitch. It can be done when working from a pattern, but takes a little practice. This technique is great when making long flat odd count peyote stitch ribbons or cuff bracelet bases that can be embellished.

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