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How to String a Stop Bead


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Secure the Stop Bead
How to String a Stop Bead

Secure the stop bead by passing through it again in the same direction. You should see a loop of thread form around the bead.

Jennifer VanBenschoten
To secure the stop bead, pass through the bead again in the same direction as you picked it up. Do not go back through the bead in the opposite direction - this will cause the bead to pop off the thread. You should see a loop of thread form around the bead when you pass through it again.

Pull tightly to secure the bead on the thread.

If you are working with nylon beading thread like Nymo or Silamide, make sure that you do not split your thread when you make the pass through the stop bead. If you split your thread, you will not be able to remove your stop bead correctly.

You can make an additional pass through the bead for extra security, but be aware that it will be more difficult to adjust the position of the stop bead on the thread.

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