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Learn How to Do Beadwork - How to Hold Flat Beadwork

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Learn How to Do Beadwork - How to Hold Flat Beadwork

The proper way to hold the first set of beads when stitching flat beadwork.

Jennifer VanBenschoten
To hold flat beadwork correctly, always hold the needle in your dominant hand, and the beadwork in your non-dominant hand. (Your dominant hand is that hand with which you write.)

If you write with your right hand, hold the needle with your right hand. If you write with your left hand, hold the needle with your left hand.

Remember that is always best if you hold your flat beadwork in a way that is comfortable for you and allows you to work so that you can stitch each row without your fingers or thread getting in the way.

The first few rows of any beadwork stitch are usually the hardest to hold. Once you have a few rows completed, it gets easier to hold your beadwork as you continue to stitch.

  1. Pick up the first set of beads as noted in the pattern or stitch. If you are using a bead stopper or stop bead, slide the beads down to the end of the thread against the bead stop.
  2. Make sure that the beads are in the correct order, depending on which stitch you are using. For example, if you are working in flat peyote stitch, the beads will simply be lined up in a row.
  3. Use gentle pressure between your fingers to hold the beads in place between the pads (tips) of your fingers and your thumb. You can release each bead as you need to stitch into it, or you can leave the top edge of the bead exposed so that you can enter it with your needle.
  4. To avoid splitting your thread when stitching the first row, keep your thread pulled down towards the floor while you stitch through the top of each bead.

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