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Free Bead Patterns

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Free bead patterns for a variety of beading projects, with patterns suitable for beginning beader through advanced beaders, and for a wide range of beadwork projects including beaded wearables, bead embroidery, beadwork stitches, beaded art projects, mixed media beading, bead art, and more.

  1. Beaded Jewelry Patterns
  2. Beaded Artwork and Beadwork Wearables
  3. Bead Patterns by Beading Stitch

Beaded Jewelry Patterns

A Few Tempting Treats for Beaders: Ceramic Vessel by Mary Harding, Lampwork by Serena's Beadery

Free bead patterns for a variety of beaded jewelry, including beaded rings, beaded necklaces, beaded Amulet bags, beaded bracelets and beaded brooches. These projects include bead patterns for seed bead only projects, large bead projects and bead stringing designs.

Beaded Artwork and Beadwork Wearables

A Lovely Peach and Blue Beaded Button Cover

Patterns, tutorials and projects for a varriety of beaded wearables, including bead embroidery, beaded housewares, beaded clothing, French beaded flowers, wire and sculptural beading, bead stringing projects, mixed media beadsing and Holiday-themeed bead projects.

Bead Patterns by Beading Stitch

These are some of the most popular bead patterns arranged by the type of beading stitched used to compose the pattern. Stitches in this listing include Peyote stitch, brick stitch, beaded netting and right angle weave.

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