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Top Ten Free Bead Patterns

This Week's List of the Most Popular Free Bead Patterns


Lat Updated Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's this week's list of the Top Ten Free Bead Patterns. Please feel free to print, download, share, and enjoy these free bead patterns with your beading group, friends, new beaders or anyone else that would enjoy them.

The only requirement for the use and distribution of these free bead patterns is that they be provided free of charge and that they be copied from the original site only. Please be sure to credit Beadwork.About.com and provide a link back to the site to the original pattern. Thanks!

1. Beaded Snowflake - Beaded Netting Pattern by Sandra Halpenny

Beaded Snowflake Bead Pattern - Mini Snowflake Free Bead Pattern by Sandra HalpennyPhoto Credit: © Sandra Halpenny, owner of [i]Seed Bead Weaving Patterns by Sandra Halpenny[/i]
This design by Sandra Halpenny adds yet another tiny beaded snowflake to the supply in her two delightful E-Books, [link url=http://store.sandradhalpenny.com/product/252/Snowflakes-2006-%26-2007%2C-2-E-Books][i]Snowflakes Beaded Ornament Collections 2006 and 2007[/i][/link]. Both of these E-Books are for sale on Sandra's Website right now. [br][br]With the snowflake bead patterns in the E-Books plus the bonus bead pattern, you could bead an entire Winter Holiday decorating motif in no time. Add a few [link url=http://beadwork.about.com/library/weekly/aa112700a.htm]Beaded Snowflakes on Wire Frames[/link], begin beading now, and you'll be ready for the Holidays in no time!

2. Animal Patterns in Peyote Stitch

Owl Pattern in Peyote Stitch free bead patternPhoto © Beadwork.about.com
A variety of animal patterns in flat, even count Peyote stitch. Perfect for making Amulet Bags and a wonderful project for a beginner to start with.

3. Miniature Beaded Snow Angel Doll

Miniature Beaded Snow Angel DollPhoto Credit: © Beadwork.About.com
This tiny Beaded Snow Angel is all in white, except for her lovely bronze halo. She's not shown with appendages, but beading in arms and legs would be easy, and how sweet to bring her arms togethr as a loop, and center a book charm ther, to symbolize a song book, Holy Book, or even this month's edition of the very popular [I]Angel Baby Comic Book[/i].

4. African Helix Beaded Cord Necklace

African Helix Necklace Free Bead PatternPhoto © Beadwork.About.com
A beautiful, complex-looking beaded corn necklace that is actualy much easier to bead than it first appears. Just follow the bead pattern and you'll have the process down in no time.

5. Beaded Christmas Ornament Cover

Ornament Cover made with Seed Beads and Beaded NettingPhoto Credit: © Beadwork.About.com
Use this very simple pattern to make removable, reusable beaded covers for your Christmas tree ornaments using size 11/0 seed beads and a simple variation on seed bead netting. These ornament covers are easy enough for even the newest beader to make, and are a fun project for a crafts-related Holiday party.

6. African Net Beaded Necklace

African Net Beaded Necklace - A Variation on Beaded NettingPhoto © Beadwork.About.com
Make this African Net Beaded Necklace using and easy -to-work variation on beaded netting and size 11/0 or Delica type cylinder seed beads, then make yourself a pair of African Net Beaded Earrings to match.

7. Beaded Angel Babies

Sweet Beaded Angel Babies to adorn a tree, package, or to use in jewelry projects.Photo Credit © Beadwork.About.com
The sweetest little Angel Babies ever to adorn a miniature tree, package, or used to create earrings, you can customize yours with a birthstone color, a favorite colors, or use the colors of your preference.

8. Spiral Rope Chain Beaded Bracelet

Spiral Rope Chain Beaded Bracelet beaded with Blue and White Size 11/0 regular Seed BeadsPhoto © Paula S. Morgan
Learn to make this beaded Spiral Rope Chain using seed beads and this free bead pattern. Spiral Rope Chain is very easy to make, is perfect for necklace, bracelet, or for an Amulet bag strap, too. Works best with traditional round seed beads, but you can create the Spiral Rope Chain with bugle beads as the core beads as long as you can balance the correct number of seed beads or cylinder beads to offset the bugle bead length. It looks great when beaded with larger beads such as a Size 8/0 True Cut bead, too.

9. Bricks and Strands Beaded Bracelet

Bricks and Strands Beaded BraceletPhoto © Paula S. Morgan
With two anchors of brick stitch triangles, you can string as many or as few strands as you'd like, even adding different size beads, charms, or even an occasional Daisy Chain flower here & there, just to mix things up a bit.

10. Antique Button Beaded Bracelet

Antique Beaded Button BraceletPhoto Credit © Paula S. Morgan, Beadwork.About.com
Using antique linen colored seed beads, rectangular "chicklet" beads in a shiny, shimmery shade of ivory, and a small collection of buttons; old or new, you can create your own version of this Antique Button Beaded Bracelet. It's a great design for beginning beaders; basic bead stringing is used to create the base strand and the easiest seed bead loops create the fringe to display the buttons. As for the buttons, use any type of flat, 2-hole or 4-hole button, but avoid using buttons with a shank on the back as they may be too top-heavy for this lightweight beaded bracelet design.

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