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Beaded Wine Glass Charms Help Set a Charming Table


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Choose a Color for your Beaded Wine Glass Charms Based on the Occasion
Beaded Wine Glass Charms Set a Charming Table When Personalized for your Guests

Beaded Wine Glass Charms Set a Charming Table When Personalized for your Guests

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Making a set of your own wine glass charms is such an easy beadwork project that you can complete a set for yourself, or one for a hostess gift, in just one afternoon. If you have friends who bead, invite them over for coffee and have them bring their beads and memory wire, then do a swap and see how many beaded wine glass charms you come away with; having witnessed this sort of gathering, I can attest, it could be in the triple-figures!

Supplies are basic, detailed below. But really, a roll of memory wire, end caps, a good "gap-zap" glue, cutters for memory wire, and the beads with which you wish to adorn your table. In fact, that may be the most difficult, or at least the most time-consuming part of this beading project; choosing the beads. You may choose a simple band with no dangling charm, or you pay prefer a charm and a set of initials for guests, either added to the wine glass charm permanently, or you may prefer a removable version.

Choosing the beads and bead colors is easier if you think of your wine glass charms as jewelry for your stemware or table. Consider your linen colors, the colors of your dishes or the crystal, or maybe you want one set with green pressed glass grape beads in green for white wine and red or purple for red wine with a coordinating leaf color.

If the entertaining occasion is a holiday, consider the traditional colors of that festivity. A charm set for a birthday party would look great done in the color of the honoree's birthstone color. Accents of silver, gold, bronze, copper, hematite or plain back or white are always appropriate.

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