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Mountain Lion Amulet Bag - Free Bead Pattern for Square Stitch or Loom Weaving
Free Bead Pattern - Mountain Lion Beaded Amulet Bag for Square Stitch or for Bead Weaving on a Loom

Mountain Lion Beaded Amulet Bag - Free Bead Pattern for Square Stitch or for Bead Weaving on a Loom

Wait, you may say, didn't we just see that magnificent green-eyed Big Cat, with his beautiful blue background just above? Well, yes, we did, but that pattern was designed to be beaded in Peyote Stitch or Brick stitch, which are "offset" bead stitches in which the beads in each row are stitched in a manner that causes them to sit astride the center of the bead in the row below, just exactly like the bricks in a brick wall are positioned.

In this pattern, you'll note that the beads are all situated immediately next to, above and below, right and left, each other, lining up in "rank and file" manner. This is because the beads in this pattern will be stitched together by Weaving Beads On a Loom, or by using a beading technique known as Square Stitch.

In loom weaving, once you Warp your Bead Loom, each bead is placed onto a needle in the color order of that row starting with the first bead on the left, and going left to right. The beads are then slid down the length of the thread to where it is tied to the first warp thread on the left-hand side of the loom. The needle is passed below the warp threads, the beads are then aligned between each warp thread, pushed up into place, and the needle carried over the top of the right warp thread, passed back through the beads, which will attach the beads to the warp threads on the beading loom.

If you choose Square Stitch, you will be stitching each bead to the one next to it for the first row, then to the bead directly below for each additional row. Both methods are a fun break from the more popular Peyote and Brick Stitch bead weaving stitches.

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