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Elephant Beaded Amulet Bag - Free Bead Pattern in Peyote Stitch
Free Bead Pattern - Elephant Beaded Amulet Bag in Peyote Stitch

Elephant Beaded Amulet Bag - Free Bead Pattern in Peyote Stitch

This elephant Amulet Bag can be beaded in either Flat, Even Count Peyote Stitch or in Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch. If you go with Tubular Peyote stitch, you can either duplicate the elephant on the back of the bag as well as on the front, or you can simply bead the second half of the bag in the same color beads as you use for the background.

In order to bead this pattern, or any other flat, even-count Peyote stitch pattern in Tubular Peyote stitch, simply double the number of beads per row and place the first two rows of bead onto the thread. Because this elephant pattern, when flat, is 18 beads wide, you would place 72 beads onto the thread. Tie these beads into a circle around a "holder" such as a cut-to-size cardboard core from a roll of toilet paper or paper towels.

Now, pass through the first bead you added, an begin the next row just as you would begin the third row of flat Peyote stitch, working from top to bottom or bottom to top, depending on your own preference. I prefer to work bottom to top, but that's just me.

Once you've beaded the first 18 beads of the pattern side, continue beading the tube, either repeating the pattern or by beading 18 stitches in the same color as the background, or by using a "bead soup" mix of all of the colors that you are using in the design side of the beaded bag.

After you've gained more experience working with Peyote Graphs, try beading this magnificent, highly detailed, simply gorgeous Elephant Bead Pattern designed by Ann Paxton.

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