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Beadwork - An Introduction to the Stitches and Techniques of Beading

Beading Basics: Stitches, Techniques, Styles & Methods of Creative Beadwork


For the Very New Beader

Listed below are links to important information for the new beader regarding the buying of beads, including the how, the how many, the why not all of them, and the caveat about instantly trusting sellers in an on-line auction for trustworthiness and for selling the real thing.

Buying Beads Just to Have Beads - That Way Lies Madness

It's almost irresistible. You've learned the basic Peyote stitch and worked about 2-3 dozen rows on a beadwork piece or project for a friend. Now you're addicted. And it's beads you want, because it's beads that make this fun. So, you're off to the store to load up on beads, and buy packages until you have one of each Next comes storage containers, a work bench, all the accessories such as thread, needles, accent beads, wire, a bit of chain, maybe a few crystals, and a few other thousand beautiful bits you must have. Then, of to home to put it all away. Three weeks later, when you're almost halfway done putting up, you begin to hate beads. By the end of that week, you have packed them up and taken them to the friend who taught you in the first place and left them for her without explanation. But it makes no difference, because she knows what happens and feel awful about it. She knew what you needed was a bit of guidance and a firm hand to guide you through the bead buying miasma. That's what the following articles will do for you. And any time you get caught up, want to buy a certain type of bead, one of each color, you can always write to me, your Guide, for additional Email help. It's possible to begin beading without having to own every bead in sight. Just the basics, just the initial will be fine. You could go so far as to purchase only black and white at first, then add 5 shades of gray after two or three weeks.
  • How to Start Beading from Scratch Will give you an overview of exactly what items you're going to need for that very first project. It assumes that you have not been given anything, that you have no old stash, no little buts and pieces. You have a clean slate and the article How to Start Beading from Scratch[/I} will teach you just what you need to begin this fun hobby. Truth is, you'll be surprised at how small the initial investment can be.
  • link url=http://beadwork.about.com/library/weekly/aabyb110301.htm]Before you Buy Beads[/link] This is a primer, giving a little background and back story on the various popular beads you'll see advertised for sale in stores and on line. There are some new ones I need to add, but this is still up to date. Print it and take it with you if you have questions for the bead store, and ask them why they are encouraging you to buy something different, though it may be the same color and size, than what is printed here.
  • Before Your Buy Delica BeadsAh, Delica beads, the Big Seller, the Main Bead, and the Beads that Made it All Happen Again. If you're new, that makes no sense, but it was the introduction of this particular bead, the Delica brand bead, a beads that is comparable to a size 11/0 seed bead, but is long, thin and has a very thin wall, is the bead that make Peyote and Brick stitch sit together like brick in a wall, made loom weaving as even and perfect as a mosaic tile created by a master and the colors just knocked everyone else into the dirt. Read more about these most popular beads and purchase at least 2-3 packages of them, as they are an extremely important bead that I cannot recommend you working with at least once.
  • Getting Started with Seed BeadsThis feature on Getting Started with Seed Beads focuses not just on the beads themselves, but on the other items you're going to need in order to create amazing beadwork. Technically, you should only need seed beads, perhaps Delica beads, thread, a needles and some scissors, but that's only in a perfect world. If you would like some great tips on how to prepare a workable beading area for yourself, this is the place to begin Getting Started with Seed Beads.
  • Before You Buy from an Online AuctionThis article came about after I began hearing from so many beaders about having been ripped off by auction sellers. I had it happen, too, more than once, so I felt like I should offer what bit of insight I could. I've run this article on Before You Buy form and Online Auction and hear so many compliments each time, I think it's worthwhile. Beads are expensive enough without having to find that what you thought you were buying, and that the crystal you paid for is actually cheap glass.
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