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Beading Gifts and Beaded Jewelry for Men

- Free Bead Patterns and Great Beading Ideas


Beading And Beaded Gifts for Men Regarding the above advice, let me add that heavy-duty hobbyists, of course, are a different story. The antique machinery lover will be thrilled to receive a tie tack made using the basic pattern (without the fringe) for the Antique Typewriter Key necklace. Just epoxy a tie tack pin to the back of the metal key before you glue it to the substrate, then stitch as much or as little as you like.

For the Patriot (and yes, I know I mentioned the military above, but this is a little more generic) beading a Flag Pattern, even one of the Flag Bracelets using size 8/0 Delica beads instead of the regular size 11/0 would be nice. Or, the Amulet Bag Bead Patterns could be worked on one side only, the finished piece then matted and framed to hang on the wall in an office or near a favorite chair. Without a doubt, though, men are the most difficult people to bead jewelry for. With the exception of a very few, very casual, work environments, such as retail seller in those shops catering to a casual client, or for those men who work alone, outdoors, or simply live a very casual existence, there's not a lot of jewelry choices, at least not for regular daytime jewelry. Even beaded watchbands are pretty much out of the question.

For those beaders fortunate enough to have gift recipients who do work in a casual environment, there's always a very basic, simple Necklace or bracelet adapted from any of these beaded Amulet bag strap patters. Use larger beads, such as Delica size 8/0, or even a regular seed bead in an 8/0 or even a 6/0 to add some "heft" to the finished piece.

Basic strung jewelry is always great, provided the beads are not too fragile or the design too fussy. Single-element necklaces added to a simple piece of Greek leather thong, suede strip or hemp beading cord are also appreciated. Great bets are hand-carved stone beads, stone donuts, hefty handmade lampwork beads, slumped glass beads, and anything with strong lines or a tribal-type element to it, such a strong contrast in color in the bead or beads. A few of these more casual items would be great gifts for men who teach school, work with young people, or manage retail facilities that cater to a younger population.

If you're more of a seed beads beader and want to give something bead-woven and are just stuck for ideas, consider beading a case for something he uses often. Cigarette lighters are easy to bead using Tubular Peyote Stitch using either a particular bead pattern, or by just adding random colors in blocks or however you choose.

Hint: Please do not undertake to cover in beads any sort of precision equipment; this would include tennis or other racket handles, sports bands such as a wrist or headband, golf glove or bicycling gloves, golf clubs and weightlifting gear. Also avoid beading any hand tools, knife handles or even knife sheaths unless you discuss it with the owner first. Throwing knives are precision balanced and the holsters are too, in some cases, so beads would ruin the throwing ability. Pool cues are out, except for maybe a tiny band near the top of the cue, and then, only if you "clear" it first, since these are very balanced equipment, too. Even darts barrels are off limits; it changes the weight of the dart.

Never bead any part of a functioning handgun, shotgun, or rifle, or the case, stand or holster for that weapon. Guns, besides being dangerous, have many incredibly precise adjustments, and should not be tampered with unless they have been retired form working order and are being used for decorative purposes only. If you and the man you bead for belong to historical re-enactment societies, beading clothing, display items, knife cases for costume purposes only, or for ornamental items should be fine, as long as they are "period" appropriate and work with existing ornamental items. Depends on how fussy your particular re-enactment group is about these things.

For the few men who will wear actual bead-woven bead jewelry, make this Double ZigZag Beaded Bracelet, using the larger seed beads such as size 8/0 or size 6/0 to give it some additional width and heft if you're beading for a man of size. Check the selection at Fire Mountain Beads for a magnificent selection.

Oh, one last hint: as long as you are shopping for beads in the first place, if your man fishes and/or makes home-made fishing lures, perhaps a nice selection of beads used in making lures would be well-received. Just read a few Web sites about making fishing lures and I'm sure you'll get all the information you'll ever need. Some of my very first beads came right out of my father's workbox where the fly-tying supplies were kept. He gave me three or four beads and a feather or some shiny spinner each time he tied lures, so I had a nice little collection going, which I still have, somewhere!

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