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Beaded Gifts for the Hard to Bead For - Free Bead Patterns and Ides

Great Beaded Gifts for Men and Teens - Free Bead Patterns


If you're like most beaders I know, you'd prefer to make all of your gift items, no matter what occasion, with our beads and beadwork.

No matter how careful we are, no matter how far in advance we plan, no matter how carefully we watch, there will always be someone on our "gift-list" that is just going to be very difficult to bead for. It could be your grandfather, a teenage grandchild, a niece or nephew, a father or father-in-law, your husband, your daughter, her boyfriend, her girlfriends, your son, his girlfriend, or his buddies. A lot of people in these categories are hard to bead for. Women, it seems, after the age of about 25, have great taste. If it's made with beads, it's wonderful. It's easy to bead for our women relatives, friends, co-workers and other women in our lives. It's the men and the kids that will make us crazy.

But before we jump into the ideas about what sorts of things are wonderful beaded gifts for men and teens, I would like very much to pass on a small bit of personal advice. Take it or leave it; you'll know what your own situation is and whether this might apply to you or not. You're (most likely) a woman and a beader and therefore, possessed of excellent taste, sense, and intelligence. So, for what it's worth:

When beading gifts for those male and teenage friends and family with strong personal identification attributes, such as their religion or faith, familial or adopted culture, country of origin, or sexual identity, please do not assume that you are obligated to create beadwork that will denote those strong identifications. Remember, you are beading for a friend, for their sense of style, and are not required to conform your beading to one single aspect of that person's personality. .

A religious or spiritual icon, a cultural group, a philanthropic society, military emblem, imagery of the recipient's country of origin, or even the identifying colors of a group, culture, country, club or any aspect of one's personal identity, just because that particular matter is a prominent part of their lives. That is, of course, unless they specifically request such gifts. Even when ties to country, culture, spiritual matters, etc. are strong, it is always nice to receive something fresh and individual. Bead something different and unique; something that highlights that person's sense of style.

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