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Free Beading Lessons and Tutorials

Links to many great free beading lessons, free beadwork tutorials and beading help and how-to's can be found right here! Are you looking to learn a new beadwork stitch or to refine a beading technique? This is the place!
Learn Beading and Beadwork
There's a lot to learn when you're a new beader. Different beadwork stitches, beading techniques and so many bead patterns to choose from! You may download a bead pattern for earrings or a beaded bracelet and wonder "ok, so what's next? This list will send you to the beading resources you need and will help answer your new beader questions.
Free Beading Lessons by E-Mail
Learn a variety of beading techniques and beadwork stitches with these free beading lessons. You'll get the how-to's along with bead patterns for each new beading technique, so you can practice the beading you've just learned.
Brick Stitch
Learn the beadwork stitch known as Brick Stitch; an off loom bead weaving technique that created a sturdy, closely-woven beaded surface using seed beads and thread.
Dutch Spiral
Learn the circular netting beading techniques known as the Dutch Spiral. This spiral can be made with different sizes of beads including bugle beads and seed beads. It creates a flexible beaded texture that drapes nicely and looks great.
Knot Between Pearls
Knotting between pearls is a basic beading techniques used for a number of projects. You can bead a knotted necklace with silk fiber and pearls with spaces between them or knot beads in the traditional pearl style. The only thing that should not be knotted are metal beads, as they abrade the silk cord.
Make a Wrapped Loop with Wire
This is a very basic wire work techniques that you'll use in your beading almost constantly. Perfect for making earrings, adding drops or connecting beads in a beaded bracelet or beaded necklace.
Make Twisted Fringe
Beaded fringe of any type is used in many beading projects, but if you're looking for elegance and drape, try beading Twisted Fringe. It is perfect as a beaded amulet bag embellishment or added to the strap of a beaded necklace.
Warp a Beading Loom
If you're going to bead on a loom, the first order is to learn to warp the loom. Once that's done, you ca bead weave a variety of beading patterns and projects. This tutorial will take you through the steps to a perfect bead loom warp.
Square Stitch
Square stitch is sometimes called faux loom beading. It's a great basic beading stitch that created a loom woven texture and is much easier to carry than a loom and beads.
Use French Wire (AKA Bullion or Gimp)
Use French wire in beading projects when you need to attach a metal finding to silk or other fiber. French wire is a tiny coil of wire you place on your thread or cord before your finding is connected. It forms a protective barrier between thread and metal, thus protecting the cord from abrasion. It's used in classic pearl knotting and in lots of modern beading projects.
Showcasing Fine Furnace Glass
This beaded bracelet pattern is also great way to learn a basic single-thread cross weaving technique. Cross weaving is used in many beading projects and is a fast and easy way to make a beaded bracelet or earrings if you're in a hurry.
Weave Beads on a Loom
Once you've gotten your bead loom warped, the real beading fun begins! Learn the proper way to weave beads on a loom, including decreasing and increasing your beading rows.
The Other Brick Stitch
Basic Brick stitch passes the thread through the thread on the bead row below the working bead row. This "other" Brick stitch teaches a method for passing the thread back through the bead in the bead row below the working row. It makes for a extremely durable, sturdy piece of bead weaving.
Amber Homepage
Everything you'll even need to know about the properties of amber and copal, with is a resin in the early stages of becoming amber. Amber and copal are beautiful, tactile and ancient material. Copal is fragrant, as both resins come from the sap of trees. This scholarly site is dedicated to educating the public about the properties, care, uses for, and identification of both amber and copal resin.
BeadyBoop's Odd Count Peyote Stitch Turn Tutorial
A wonderful animated GIF showing how to make the turn at the end of a row of Odd-Count Peyote Stitch. This animation was designed by Charlene Hughes, a Peyote stitch designer and author of several books on Peyote Stitch beading.
Double Diamond Stitch by Robyn Lazar
A very cool beading stitch, do give this one a try. Excellent instructions, Robyn makes this an easy to follow beadwork tutorial!
Double Spiral Tutorial
Almost as easy to bead as a single spiral rope chain, this makes a lush and lovely beaded chain. From Katie Magill.
NeedleWeaver's Studio
Luscious graphics and excellent tutorials. Presented by Ginger Sizemore, this is the place to learn more advanced needleweaving on the Internet. Stop by and take a look around.
Netted Cab by Shala
Very easy to follow tutorial for an elegant looking bead netted cabochon. This may be the nicest set of beading instructions I've found for this technique.
Spiral Beaded Bead - Janie's Beads tutorial
Great pictures and beading instructions for making spiral shaped beaded beads. These are fun little beads that will dress up a larger piece of beadwork or make a great beaded statement all by themselves.

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