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Plan a Beading Party


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Decide on One or Two Beading Projects
If your guests are beginner beaders, make sure that your project choices won't overwhelm them. Pick something simple such as:
  • Beaded Snowflakes on wire forms
  • Simple Beaded Bracelet using a Beading Stitch
    (Peyote stitch, Spiral Rope, Dutch Spiral, etc.)
  • Basic Beaded necklace - Strung on Beading Wire
  • Wine Glass Charms or Beaded Napkin Rings
  • Beaded Ornament Covers
  • Basic Wrapped Loop Headpin Earrings
Keep the beading simple so that everyone can make an item and take it home. Normally, a hostess will supply the tools for the beading, do let your guests know that they are welcome to bring additional beads and their own tools if the prefer. You may wish to provide a shopping list to your guests so that they come prepared or you may gather the beads and supplies and charge a "cover charge." There are also many great beading kits for sale at a number of beading sites.

Caravan Beads has some absolutely wonderful Beading Kits in a variety of colors and bead shapes. These would be perfect for just about any beading project.

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