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Brick Stitch Free Bead Patterns

A selection of free beading patterns using Brick Stitch.
Brick Stitch "A Bit Beaded Bunting" Earrings
Beaded earrings in red, white and blue, designed to look like Patriotic bunting!
Chunky Marble Bracelet
Use marbles and seed beads to create this neat bracelet.
Easter Bunny Earrings
The cutest little Easter bunnies, in brick stitch, for you to wear!
Quick Brick and Strands Bracelet
Fun and very easy, this makes an elegant looking bracelet in just a short time. Perfect for a beginner!
The Other Brick Stitch
Learn the brick stitch method that involves going through the beads in the previous row instead of under the threads. Includes a cute cow pattern.
Understated Gold - Square Stitch Earrings
Subtle and elegant, these little earrings will go with anything from dresses to jeans. Try them in other bead sizes, too, for a different effect.
Brick Stitch Patterns by Barbara Elbe
Patterns from Barbara Elbe, done in Brick Stitch, and just gorgeous! I especially love the Christmas Candles patterns. I think they make a touching memorial tribute as well as being a classic Holiday icon.
Beaded Brick Stitch Heart Earrings
From Rings & Things come these cute and fast little Brick Stitch Heart earrings. Valetine's will be here before we know it!

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