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Bead-Space.Com - A Social Networking Site for Beaders


Bead-Space.com - Social Networking Site Just For Beaders!

Bead-Space.com - Social Networking Just For Beaders!

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What Is Bead-Space.com?:

Bead-Space.com is the first social networking site created by and for beaders and beaders only. You'll gather with other beadwork artists, meet new beaders, read blogs, write a blog, update your personal profile page (your own space on Bead-Space.com). As a Bead-Space.com member, you'll have an opportunity to interact with other beaders and discuss their beadwork, share your projects, show and view beadwork images, participate in beading groups, lists, and Forums. Beaders are invited to participate in beading-related polls, quizzes, join a live chat, and hang out with other beaders from all over the world.

How is Bead-Space.com different from other online groups?:

In short: the variety of communication methods available. Most online community is limited to a single method of communication; e-mail, instant messages, live chat, or by Forum posts. At Bead-Space.com, beaders choose that method which they most prefer, or may use several, depending on personal preference. There's an area for notes on each Profile Page, you may choose to blog and open your blog for comments, and there's live chat, IM, a Forum, various groups, private one-to-one visiting and more. If you are familiar with MySpace.com, then you already understand Bead-Space.com and have probably already joined!

So it's just conversation between beaders, or is there more?:

Bead-Space.com is a beaderworker's community destination, a place to gather, meet new beaders, talk beading, become involved in bead swaps, challenges, fundraising for charity, share your work,ask questions, get help, and to find links to other Internet sites full of great information and instructions. free bead patterns and tutorials.Post your favorite music, videos, write your own beading blog, do some professional networking if teach or own a store. Bead-Space.com welcomes suggestions from members by inviting all to [link url=http://www.bead-space.com/content/dir_language/file_get_involved/]Get Involved[/A] with ideas for additions and improvements.

Is it private, or will strangers be able to see everything I write?:

Bead-Space.com takes your privacy seriously. With the proliferation of identity issues and theft on the Internet, Bead-Space.com has chosen to request as little information as necessary and no staff will ever confront you to request additional information. As for your own comments, blog entries, images posted, or other written materials posted to the general viewing area on Bead-Space.com, keep in mind that this material is visible to all and in some cases may remain visible in archival type Internet programs even after it has been removed from Bead-Space.com. Use your common sense before you post, that's all!

The Best Part About BeadSpace.com:

One of the most exciting aspects of social networking is the opportunity it affords people, especially those in isolated situations, to meet and create friendships with so many others.

At Bead-Space.com, the number of communication platforms creates a multitude of ways to communicate, network, chat and other wise share your work and yourself with others. By opening a window and logging in to your Profile on Bead-Space.com, you may check your blog for comments, send an Instant Message to a friend or two or nine, check your mail, see if you have any new friend requests, look into that question you posted about the switchback on that stitch you just can't get right, and look at pictures of new beadwork. Later, you may choose to participate in a live chat, read the Forum entries, see what's happening in the Live Auctions, then catch up on the regular blogs on your feed and make comments where necessary.

[link url=http://www.bead-space.com/]Bead-Space.com[/a] is the best place and method for beaders to take advantage of a wide variety of communications platforms while becoming involved in the beading community in general. Bead-Space.com members write their own introductions, add their "state of mind" of the day each day upon log-in (if they choose to) may update notes each log-in, change the Profile content, and arrange page tags and meta tags in order to find other members with similar interests. To meet other people in this manner helps create more positive relationships than any other social interaction tools currently on line.

With a staff and management team of long-time Internet professionals, site builders, creative people, beaders, Internet and virtual communications professionals, and Internet site architects, Bead-Space.com is creating a new and unique culture of on-line community, not only for beaders, but for Social Networking in general. With a genuine concern for their members, Bead-Space.com is determined to maintain, to paraphrase Hemingway, a "clean, well-lighted place for beaders" to enjoy a structured, organized, well managed, and positive social environment

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