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Links to some of the best, more interesting, informative and useful blogs related to beadwork, beading, beads, bead stringing, beaded jewelry, bead kits and all sorts of bead related material.
BeadSpace.Com - A Social Networking Site for Beaders
Social Networking, the term used to describe Insternet sites such as <i>MySpace</I> or <I>Facebook</I> where people go online to meet new friends, talk with long-time friends via Instant Messaging or Chat, or where people may find others with tastes and interests like their own. So, if you're a beader, can you imagine an entire Social Network for, by, and about, beaders only? Say "hello" to BeadSpace.com is here, and now there's finally Social Networking just for us!
Beadlust - Robin Atkins' Beading Blog
Beadlust is the Beading Blog belonging to artist Robin Atkins. There are wonderful posts, so many gorgeous pictures, and beading related articles that should really be in yet another book by this extremely talented beader.
Mary Harding Jewelry's Beading Blog
Mary Harding is a beader and ceramic bead maker. Her handmade ceramic beads are filled with the spirit of Nature, conveying a warm connection to the Earth when they are held or worn. Her beadwork blends the solidity of the Earth with the fluid nature of glass, creating a wearable beaded landscape in all of her beading.
No Easy Beads - Bev Herman's Beading Blog
Bev Herman is a beadwork artist from New Orleans, and has been a mainstay in the beading world for a number of years now. Her beadwork is always beautiful and her beading talent superb. She never seems to get "bead block" and is always happy to share her magnificent beading with others.
Earthenwood Studio's Beading Blog
Earthenwood Studio Chronicles is a beading blog with an emphasis on "one bead maker's thoughts on life, beads, ceramics, jewelry, music, culture, and indie business" with images of the amazing ceramic beads and the beading and beadwork pieces created with them by bead artist Melanie Brooks Lucaks.
Humblebeads - Heather Powers' Beading Blog
Heather Powers is a bead maker, beader, beading kit designer, and mixed media artist. Her polymer clay beads are unlike any others I've seen; combining detail and images found in glass beads with the sense of the Earth from ceramic beads into beads that will create their own place in beading designs.

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