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Jewelry Design Manager
Are you a beading professional with a need to keep track of your beading inventory? Wish you could find a way to confirm per-piece prices and maintain an up-to-date log of what's in stock and what's getting low? Or, are you an avid beader who needs a way to keep track of all those beadtiful beads? Jewelry Design Manager is the perfect answer to your bead inventory needs!

Manage your Bead Inventory

Jewelry design Manager is the perfect an inventory management program for both the professional jewelry designer and beading hobbyist.

Simply install the program and fill in the fields with your bead inventory information; you can add vendor info, price paid and size of the component. Then, categorize each piece as to type of stone, bead type, and metal. Add your own pricing markup numbers, cost per hour labor for the beading and the Jewelry Design Manager will give you appropriate pricing for your pieces at wholesale, direct and suggested retail markups.

Sellers can track vendors and customers in the individual database sections. There is a section that allows you to print out a report on any individual aspect of your stock or supplies, compare pricing and prepare for inventory. You may also set custom parameters for the program in the "maintenance" section, as well.

If you sell, or plan to sell, your beading and don't have Jewelry Design Manager, consider making the investment. The program will pay for itself by freeing up your time. Jewelry Design Manager will track your inventory, prepare shopping lists, price finished items and handle bookkeeping chores. That way, you'll have more time to do what you love - bead!
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