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Great Skin Care for Beaders from Goodies Unlimited

All Kinds of Excellent Skin Care Products!

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Products by Goodies Unlimited: Solid Lotion Sticks, Lip Balm, Everything Balm, and E-Tomic Balm

Products by Goodies Unlimited including two Solid Lotion sticks, Chocolate Lip Balm, Everything Balm, and E-Tomic Balm

Photo by Paula S. Morgan
I love my beadwork, and I love to create with paper, fabric, fibers, wire, polymer and metal clay, paints, inks and dyes. But long exposure to the solvents and ingredients in some of those products, plus frequent hand-washing, led to hands that practically crackle when I move them, making it almost inpossible to work.

I contacted Aubrey Kenworthy, developer of Goodies Unlimited Soaps & Sundries, who was kind enough to send me samples of some of her fine products. Aubrey explained to me that she developed each of her products for a specific need among her family and friends, and she still makes everything she sells.

Everything Balm - All Natural Healing Balm

Everything is right! I'm not a doctor, so I can't explain or endorse this product for any healing qualities, but I certainly can tell you what a miracle it performed on my severely dry, chapped, and peeling skin. In just a short time, it had cleared up all the splits, tears, bumps, ragged bits and skin breaks on my hands, along my fingers, and most importantly, on my fingertips, after about a week to ten days of regular use. I can now use it about once a week and my hands stay smooth and split-free.

My husband's hands were far worse than mine, however, as he does the dishes in our home, plus a lot of yard work. It cleared up the split skin around his nails, plus all the other cracks and breaks on his fingers and hands after about two weeks of regular use. He still applies it every other day or so, put it on before he puts on his gardening gloves, and absolutely swears by it for dry skin problems.

Solid Lotion Bar - All Natural Solid Skin Lotion

I positively adore this product! I'm crazy about it because, it being a solid lotion bar, I can apply it and have absolutely no mess to contend with. It cannot spill, does not leave my hands swimming in oil or gooey lotion, gives me the exact amount of product needed, and lasts a long time. It smells great, feels great, and I love that I can apply it just to the problems areas, for instance, on the backs of my hands or on top of the knuckles, and completely avoid getting it on my fingers, so that I don't yuck up my beadwork or my computer keyboard.

Lip Balm - All Natural Lip Care

I don't usually use a lip balm on my lips, but I've gotten a ton of mileage out of the lip balm products from Goodies Unlimited. I use these balms on my cuticles, my "needle rash" (the areas that tend to get poked repeatedly) and calluses on my hands and fingers that I seem to get when I work with tough fibers or rough fabrics. It's a great "double dose" of softeners, and they smell great, too.

E-Tomic Balm - All Natural Pain Relief - Deep, Penetrating Rub

I've saved the best for last. Again, I can't offer any medical advice about this product, but I sure can tell you that, for me, there is nothing in the world like E-Tomic Balm! E-Tomic Balm is a deep, penetrating rub and is used for sore muscles, joints, and general aches and pains. I use it on the back of my neck, my shoulders, arms, and elbows, my hands, my fingers when they get stiff and sore, and even on my legs if they get sore from standing. I've even used it on my feet after walking through a show and standing for several hours. My feet were soon pain-free and refreshed.<br><br> I've had to re-order a couple of sticks of this miracle product, as my husband took the first bar for himself. He has a back injury and has found the E-Tomic Balm to be the only thing he's tried in 8 years that gives him enough pain relief and relaxation to sleep through the night, and he's tried many things.

Of course, ask your doctor before using any type of product for pain or healing, as there may be contraindications if you take other medications. And, again, I am not offering medical advice, but just letting you know how these products have worked for me and my family. We now swear by them, and cannot say enough good things about the products from Goodies Unlimited.

Order some and try them out. I think you'll agree, all of the products by Goodies Unlimited are truly amazing!

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