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The Bead Stopper

A Wonderful Way to Help Beads Stay Put

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The Bead Stopper - Package of Six Bead Stoppers

The Bead Stopper - Package of Six Bead Stoppers

Bead Stopper
I've tried a bunch of ways to keep strung beads on the cut thread or wire - tape, clips, clay gobs, etc. each of these worked, to an extent but they all had their drawbacks. Here's a product that will keep the beads where they need to be with no ill to beads, wire or your nerves!

Keep the Bead Where you Want them

I've tried many methods for keeping beads on wire as I worked on a project. I tried alligator clips but they cut the thread and crimped the wire. I tried tape but it left a sticky residue. I used putty and wax, both of which fell off if it got too cold. I was ready to give up until I saw The Bead Stopper.

I had a few little springs from a hardware store that I thought were the same thing, but I was very wrong! The tabs on the hardware store springs are angled wrong. They refuse to bend, have to be coaxed into place on the beading wire, are too tense, hurt fingers, and unexpectedly shoot off across the room when they slip. They could put an eye out!

The Bead Stopper folks already know this. The springs they use are just tense enough to hold the wire or thread in place without leaving any marks, crimps or cuts. They are incredibly easy to open, handle and use. They go right where you want them to go without a fuss. They won't roll off your beading table and are a shiny, cheerful silver color.

Priced at just $4.99 for a package of 6 and $11.99 for a package of 16, you won't want to bead without at least one package. Get some for you and some for a friend! You'll be very glad you did.

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