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Beadwork Glossary: A List of Beadwork Terms Defined

The Beadwork Glossary is an ever-growing list of beading terms, organized by the first letter in each term.
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Magatama Beads
This is the definition of "magatama" as it applies to glass beads. Magatamas are specially shaped beads that you can use as drops or to create interesting textures in beadwork.

Bead Identification Number
The definition of "bead identification number," or "bead I.D. number," as it applies to seed and cylinder beads.

Circular Beadwork

Learn what is meant by the term "round" in beadwork.

Bead Soup
What is bead soup? This glossary entry tells you what bead soup really is.

Bead Swap
A definition of the term "bead swap."

Lampwork Bead
What is a lampwork bead? This is the definition of a lampwork bead.

Link Bead in Beaded Netting
This is the defintion of "link bead" as it is sometimes used in beaded netting tutorials.

Right-Angle Weave Unit
This is the glossary definition of "unit" as applied to right-angle weave beadwork. It is sometimes used in tutorials to clarify instructions.

Right-Angle Weave Unit Column
This is the beadwork glossary definition of "unit column" as it applies to right-angle weave beadwork. It differs from a single column of beads.

Drop Beads
This is the definition of "drop beads." It includes information about drop bead uses, drop bead sizes, and how drop beads differ from magatamas.

Farfalle Beads
Facts about farfalle beads such as what they are, how they are used and their history.

Beading Awl
This is the glossary definition of "beading awl." It is a simple tool which makes several beading tasks easier.

Cube Beads
This is a definition of "cube beads," along with some facts about their uses and availability.

Bugle Beads
This article defines bugle beads and provides information about bugle bead sizing, use, and availability.

Cut Beads
Learn the differences between one-cut, two-cut, and three-cut beads.

Automatic Brick Stitch Decrease
Learn why brick is commonly described as having automatic decreases, and how to keep your beadwork even by avoiding them.

What is a Tension Knot?
Find out what it means to tie a "tension knot" with beading thread.

Right-Angle Weave Unit Row
The definition of a right-angle weave (or "RAW") unit row as it applies to beadwork.

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