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Twisted Tornado Crimp

Twisted Tornado Crimp

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Twisted Tornado Crimp

Twisted Tornado Crimp by Via Murano

Via Murano Venetian Glass Beads
A new innovation for crimping your beading and jewelry.

The Last Crimp Tube You'll Ever Use

No crimping tool required with these cool crimp tubes from Via Murano.

Made with a slight twist in the tube to help create a secure crimp each time, these crimps will never let you down. Just press the tube firmly with a flat-nosed pliers, turn it over and press again, and you're done!

They look good, too and are the only crimp I use now. I have yet to have one break, bend, slip or not hold securely. Not one has failed after over a year's time and I wear my jewelry often! I have used these crimps in bracelets and necklaces, with lightweight beads and with heavy glass and semi-precious stones.

Since the Twisted Tornado Crimps are made in either Sterling Silver or Gold-Filled they also never change color, rust, tarnish or look drab, even after repeated use. Because they are twisted and do not have a serrated edge or teeth, they will not cut into the plastic coating on beading wires, either, so your stringing medium will last a long time.

Available only from the fine folks at Via Murano, these retail for $6.00 for a pack of 50 sterling silver and $9.00 for a pack of 50 gold-filled. Give them a try - I think you'll agree, these are the last crimp tubes you'll ever use!

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