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Craft Mates "Double Snappin' Organizer" For Bead Storage

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Craft Mates

The Craft Mates "Ezy Lock Double Snappin' Organizer" Bead Organizer Super Mega with Eight 2XL Locking Caddies

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
A great new item for beading travelers - a new bead organizer that won't come open accidently!

Great Bead Storage and Security for Beading Travelers

Created with bead security in mind, the Craft Mates "Ezy Lock Double Snappin' Organizer" comes equipped with 8 individual, slide-out bead caddies, each of these with 7 separate compartments and room for lots of beads. Each of these caddies comes with an ingenious locking bar system that slides into place when you want to lock up the beads. Just press the latch on the side of the caddie and open the individual compartment to reach the beads inside. Re-close with a snap to secure the remaining beads, along with the rest of the beads in the container!

Personally, I prefer the Caddies without the locking bars, as I found it a little unwieldy to press and hold the lock each time I want to open a caddie, but I would certainly use it for travel. The caddies are strong and well-made, as is the organizer. With a cover of durable purple Ultrasuede, this organizer will last even the most frequent traveler a long time. The inside panels are made of a durable plastic and do stick to the caddies a bit, but a very light dusting of powder on the top of the caddies proved to be the solution for me.

Priced at just $34.93 for the carrier and caddies, this would make an ideal gift for yourself or for the traveling beader in your life.
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