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C-Lon Beading Thread from Caravan Beads

Just the Best Beading Thread

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Colors to Match Almost Any Bead

A Rainbow Assortment!

Caravan Beads
Ever wished for a beading thread that was halfway between Nymo and PowerPro? Well, your wish has been granted with C-Lon Beading Thread from Caravan Beads.

I love this beading thread!

As much of a Nymo addict as I am and as devoted to PowerPro I've become, I still find myself longing for something in-between; something that will give me the drape and ease of the Nymo but with a durability more in line with PowerPro or other fishing line products. Well, I think I've found my answer in C-Lon Beading Thread from Caravan Beads.

Strong, lightweight and durable, this cool beading thread comes in a wide array of colors packaged in tubes according to color family.

But it's not just another pretty thread! C-Lon Beading Thread has a whole lot better durability than any of the lightweight parallel-fiber threads such as Nymo without the stiffness sometimes found with the heavily-coated fishing-type lines. It has almost no stretch and can be used for many different purposes including loom warping and weaving, Peyote stitch, netting, or any other multi-pass bead stitches.

With it's glossy finish and rich colors, it will hold up well over time and not break down due to needle or bead abrasion as fast as other threads.

Priced at just 1.50 per bobbin in packages of 12 bobbins, it's a deal you won't want to miss. Your beads and your beading projects will thank you!

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