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How to Weave-In Beading Thread With Square Stitch


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End the Thread
The thread being cut with beading scissors

The thread being cut with beading scissors.

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Pass through several more beads and make a second half-hitch knot. In the example, the needle was nearing the end of the row, and so I reversed direction first and passed through several beads in an adjacent row before making my second knot.

Optionally, pass through several more beads and make a half-hitch knot one or two more times.

Pass through several more beads, and pull the thread gently taut. Use the fingers of one hand to hold the thread out away from the beadwork, and use beading scissors (or a thread burner) in your other hand to cut the thread close to the beadwork.

Tip: The thread in the example is nylon beading thread, which can be cut with scissors. If you use polypropylene thread, such as FireLine or PowerPro, you'll need to use children's craft scissors, a hobby knife, or a thread burner instead.

The thread is now woven-in. You can thread your needle onto any remaining thread tails on your beadwork and weave them in as well.

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