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Top 10 Beaded Flower Projects


Flowers are fantastic at any time of year, but I love them best when made with beads. Here's my picks of the top Beaded Flower projects on the Beadwork site.

1) 3-D Beaded Pansies

A lovely 3-D Pansy pattern that work great as earrings or with a pin back as a brooch. Also, perfect on a necklace with a few beaded leaves to set them off.

2) 3-D Beaded Iris

So lovely, add a stem made of wire and bunch several of these together to wear as a cute corsage. Makes a great addition to a beaded bridal bouquet!

3) 3-D Beaded Daffodils

These 3-D Beaded daffodils make the cutest earrings or as an addition to this sweet Beaded Basket. Add some beaded picots (using size 15/0 beads) to the edge of the daffodil trumpets to make ruffled daffodils. So cute!

4) Realistic Fuchsia Earrings

So much like the real thing, people may do a double take. bead these in a variety of colors, just like the genuine fuchsia. Add a ruffled edge to these, too, or double them up for a mini-bouquet. These would look gorgeous around the edge of a bridal bouquet, too.

5) Embellished Floral Choker

Wear this gorgeous beadwork as a necklace or shorten it a bit to wear as a bracelet. Or, make it double-wide and longer to wear as a hat band. You can even use the little flowers to embellish a beaded ring. How cute would that be?

6) Flora and Fauna by Charlene Hughes

Flowers, a mushroom and a tiny fairy adorn this gorgeous pattern by Charlene Hughes, aka Beady Boop.

7) A Garland of Fall Leaves

Ok, so not technically flowers, but how many flowers have you seen that had no leaves? Add a few of the tiny flowers from the Embellished Floral Choker for a whole new necklace from this bead pattern.

8) Hemp Leaf Earrings

Another leaf pattern, but with an added bonus. If you make this up and add the trumpet section from the 3-D Daffodils you'll have a stunning orchid!

9) New Leaf? My Foot! Daisy Chain Anklet

A cute little anklet, great to wear with sandals once the weather warms up. Make a multi-strand bracelet with these, using the Bricks and Strands bead pattern and replacing the plain strands with these Daisy strands for a sweet flowery treat!

10) Forget-Me-Nots by Valerie Hixson

Sweet little Forget-Me-Not Beaded Flowers in Peyote Stitch by Valerie Hixson. Use this bead pattern to make an Amulet Bag or Beaded Banner. Either way, they are so sweet and so lovely, you'll want to wear them often.
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