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Beading with Kids - Bead Patterns and Projects for Children

Here's where to find free bead patterns, projects and ideas for beading with children. Included are lots of links to bead buddies, beaded critters, bead kits, beaded safety pin designs, beaded key chains, basic beaded jewelry making and much more.
Basic Directions for Beaded Safety Pins
Learn how to make those fun beaded safety pin projects. There are so many patterns for symbols, emblems and more that you can create with a few beads and safety pins.
Beaded Safety Pins Tips and Hints
Lots of great help and information on making beaded safety pin designs by Sherri Osborn, About.com Guide to Family Crafts.
Design Your Own Beaded Safety Pin Patterns
Here are directions for making your own beaded safety pin patterns, including the graph paper you'll need to do so.
Free Beaded Safety Pin Patterns
Here are a whole bunch of free beaded safety pin patterns from Sherri Osborn, your Guide to Family Crafts.
Making Beaded Safety Pins
Special article by About Family Crafts Guide Sherri Osborn on how to create your own special beaded safety pin projects.
Over Fifty More Free Beaded Safety Pin Patterns
From Denise Witmer, About.com Guide to Parenting Adolescents come over fifty more free beaded safety pin patterns!
Center for Bead Research Kid's Corner
Great directions for making your own paper beads, as well as some history of paper beads. Loads of other kid-related beading information and projects for kids on this site.
Pam's Place Bead Buddies
Patterns for some cute bead buddies to use as pendants or keychains. The little beaded bumble bee is a particular favorite.

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