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Learn how to string beads, stitch together seed beads, weave on a loom, and do bead embroidery. Lots of new free tutorials are on the way. Sign up for the Beadwork Newsletter (see "Beadwork FAQ") for weekly updates.
  1. Beadwork FAQ
  2. Bead Stringing Techniques
  3. Beadweaving Techniques
  4. Peyote Stitch Tutorials
  5. Beading on a Loom
  1. Ladder Stitch and Brick Stitch Tutorials
  2. Herringbone (Ndebele) Stitch Tutorials
  3. Other Beading Stitches and Techniques
  4. Beaded Ropes

Beadwork FAQ

Peyote stitch beading

A list of frequently asked questions on the Beadwork site.

Bead Stringing Techniques

Stringing beads on beading wire

Bead stringing is the simplest form of beadwork. You can create jewelry that's made completely of strung beads, or combine bead stringing with beadweaving to create more complex designs.

Beadweaving Techniques

Labeled bead dish

Learn how to stitch tiny beads with a needle and thread to create beaded fabric and objects.

Peyote Stitch Tutorials

Peyote stitch band bracelet

Peyote Stitch Tutorials include step-by-step instructions for how to do even and odd count peyote stitch as well as tubular versions of the stitch. Two and three drop tutorials are also included, as well as a basic step-by-step set of instructions for how to do free form peyote stitch.

Beading on a Loom

© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Make beaded bands by weaving beads onto thread or cord on a loom. Loomwork creates rows and columns of beads that are aligned in a true grid formation. This technique is used often in Native American beadwork.

Ladder Stitch and Brick Stitch Tutorials

Brick stitch is a versatile off-loom beadweaving stitch where the beads are aligned like bricks in a wall. Brick stitch begins with a single row of ladder stitch. You can also use ladder stitch by itself to make simple beaded bracelets.

Herringbone (Ndebele) Stitch Tutorials

Herringbone stitch, also known as Ndebele, originates in South Africa. The herringbone (Ndebele) stitch tutorials include flat versions using a traditional start and a ladder stitch start as well as two tubular versions of the stitch.

Other Beading Stitches and Techniques

Right-angle weave beading

Other beading stitch tutorials found in this section include right angle weave, square stitch, chevron stitch, ladder stitch, daisy chain, spiral rope, Dutch spiral and vertical netting.

Beaded Ropes

Spiral beaded rope

Beaded ropes are fun to make and most of them work up fairly quickly. You can make a beaded rope out of almost any tubular version of an off-loom beadweaving stitch. Here are a few to get you started.

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