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Basic Beaded Fringe Instructions

Five Basic Beaded Fringes


Beaded fringe is a great way to customize your beading projects. These are instructions for five basic beaded fringes that you can use to embellish your beading projects.

Twisted Fringe

Jennifer VanBenschoten
Twisted fringe uses loops of beads that are twisted around each other for a sleek, tailored look to your fringe. You can change it up by adding bugle beads, gemstone beads, and Swarovski crystals at the bottom of each strand of beaded fringe.

Leaf Fringe

Jennifer VanBenschoten
Leaf fringe is great for your nature-themed projects. This beaded fringe can be very natural-looking when made with Japanese or Czech seed beads, but also looks great when made with cylinder beads. Add tiny garnet beads, Swarovksi crystals or other accent beads.

Branched Fringe

Jennifer VanBenschoten
Like leaf fringe, this type of beaded fringe works very well with nature-themed projects. Make it look like coral by making short branches off of the main branch, and add freshwater pearls, tiny shells, and Swarovski crystals for embellishment.

Looped Fringe

Jennifer VanBenschoten
Looped fringe can be made very simply by just adding loops of seed beads to your beaded jewelry project, or it can be made very intricate by the addition of drop beads, daggers and crystals. This type of beaded fringe also looks great when you vary the size of each loop.

Straight Leg Fringe

Jennifer VanBenschoten
This is the easiest of all the beaded fringes, and with a little imagination is anything but boring. Try using tube beads made from glass, bamboo or bone. You can also hang metal pendants and drops from the points to customize straight leg fringe.

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